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10 reasons why bacon is awesome

Here is a proven fact: Everybody loves bacon! The sizzling sound it makes during the time spent in the pan, uh-oh… That soothing sound that combines with the most heart-melting scent ever it surely is the golden ticket to a happy day.

Bacon should be considered even better than love, it sends you to cloud nine, and won’t ever turn its back on you. Huh, bacon 1 and love 0. It goes well with everything and at any time of the day. But the most important point to remember, never regret eating bacon.

It is scientifically proven now that there are many benefits from it and let’s take a moment to appreciate it:

1. The irresistible taste and smell

Be it in the stovetop or the oven, covered in spices or plain just try not to drool all over yourself before even getting to try some first. Well, nothing is compared to the smell of the bacon in the morning. It looks like bacon has a combination of flavor factors to make it sweet and salty at the same time while giving us this perfect taste.

2. Bacon is really high on protein

Protein is the most important part if you want to keep a healthy diet ongoing, it is exquisite for your hair, nails and the entire body to repair tissues and to keep growing and maintaining every part of our bodies. If you are not eating a good amount of protein, you may experience low energy, mood swings and low concentration. Lucky for you bacon is full of protein, so if someone judges you for eating a lot of bacon, tell them you’re just healthy!

3. It’s easy to prepare

Everyone can make bacon; all you need is a pan and the stove. You can also make it in a microwave or the oven. Even if you need only some to put on your salad or to feed a crowd of people. It won’t take your time, and you will be left with this delicious taste in minutes, sounds like heaven for lazy people right? You can combine it with almost everything like eggs and cheese and even put it on top of your pizza. Yum.

4. Bacon makes you happy

It is considered as a mood enhancer, the smell alone can make you go off from negative thoughts to positive ones in seconds. Being high on some of the healthy fats, it releases dopamine which can really make us happy and release the negative thoughts. So don’t think again when it comes to choosing bacon over something else, always go with the best.

5. It makes you full

Bacon won’t leave your side; you won’t feel starved throughout the day after eating it for breakfast. Being full of protein and saturated fats it will definitely keep you fuller than other food, and what is better than something with this great taste that keeps you on track from morning to lunch.

6. Vitamins, everywhere

Who would have known that bacon is full of vitamins? Well, now you know. Try to think of your full pan as the source of your vitamins for today. Bacon is full of B vitamins (B1, B3, B12) that are magnificent for your brain health and to keep your energy at a good level throughout the day. It helps you with concentration and strengthening your memory. Bacon also contains healthy antioxidants like zinc.

7. Lacking carbs

Bacon doesn’t make you fat. The sentence everyone would like to hear. Well, guess what? It’s true!

It’s carbs that make you put some extra weight, and not the saturated fat everyone thinks, bacon is very little on them. So stay away from carbs and get more bacon to eat.

8. Bacon contains choline and omega-3 fatty acids

While choline is very good for improving your brain health, omega-3 fatty acids are the best for your heart. Choline is known as the most important vitamin there is for a healthy brain to improve your memory, while omega-3 fatty acids are the same nutrients found in fish, can protect the heart from dealing with anomalies. So despite the jokes going around that bacon can cause heart diseases, think again because it actually can help to maintain a healthy heart.

9. The healthy fats

The things you have heard about bacon are completely not real. Bacon does contain an amount of fat, but it gives you more health benefits than harm. It is lower than the amount of fat on chicken or beef, and it is lower in carbs and higher in protein. And our bodies need some fat, so when going for some make sure to make the right choice and go for bacon and its health benefits.

10. Hangover cure

Thank god, who doesn’t want a full plate of bacon the morning after a heavy drinking night? It is scientifically proven that food can help you to get the booze out of your system faster. Bacon contains a high level of amino that contributes to clear your head. The combination of bread and bacon and you’ll get all the necessary protein to keep the day going after a long night. Bacon wins again!

So next time you go and start your day with the irresistible smell of bacon and don’t feel guilty about it. Think of all these healthy benefits to cherish and don’t blame Homer Simpson drooling all over and choose the bacon that suits you the best, be it crunchy or soft, you deserve it.

And some bacon photos for you !

Bacon is good for me and you !