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Top 100 Must-Try Egyptian Food and Beverages


Egyptian Food & Cuisine Egypt will always be known for its pyramids, mummies, and the Great Sphinx. However, a trip to the Mediterranean country won’t and shouldn’t just be about seeing those things. What about the Egyptian food you’ll eat when you get there? You don’t have to go to Egypt in

2019 the Year of Healthy Fast Food

More than 80% of people eat out at least once per week all over the world. Finding food that is healthy can be a struggle when fast food dominates the market. Fast foods such as burgers and chicken are high in sodium, trans fat, and cholesterol. People who consume these substances regularly,

Nutrition Expert Recommends It to Eat Before an Exam

When preparing for an exam, there are some certain foods and drinksyou can consumethat can help you stay focused during an exam. Additionally, these foods are good for your health. Also, they can act as determinants in your performance. Hence, you need to wary or cautious of what you consume

Restaurant progressing to its well categorisation

In the earlier times, restaurants referred to the places solely responsible to provide tables to allow people savour a meal. Those meals were basically served by waiters. However, with the influence of modernisation and the increasing popularity gained by fast food and take-out restaurants, the restaurants of the older era

How to surprise your guests with some great wedding food ideas?

An Indian wedding is one of the most extravagant celebrations in everyone’s life. It’s all about happy faces, gorgeous outfits and delicious food. Undoubtedly, the food holds the great importance and it is the main star of the event. The guests are always excited to feast on an extravagant menu

The Business Of Online Food Ordering System and which Software to use

  One of the most moneymaking business in current times is the food delivery business. You can't go wrong with food business - it is a billion dollars plus business. This business model is already super successful in developed countries with Thousands of businesses already earning in millions. All food houses,

15 Lebanese Foods You Must Try

Baba Ghanoush

In the Middle East by the Mediterranean Sea sits the small nation of Lebanon. The capital, Beirut, is a charming melting pot, garnering such affections as the “Paris of the Middle East” because it is rich with culture and beauty, not to mention some truly spectacular cuisine. If you have

Awesome Destinations for Budget Culinary Vacations

Affordable culinary destinations are an excellent choice for travelers that want to get the most out of their vacation and experience interesting things to do while not burning holes in their pockets. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again! The key is to look for alternative destinations that are not yet overrun

47 Things You Must Eat or Drink in India

Tandoori Chicken

India is a big country full of spice in life and cuisine. From it’s gorgeous landmarks like the famed Taj Mahal to its regions of uniquely spiced dishes, India is an incredible place. The richness of the history and varied landscape tend to shine through in the dishes here. Every