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2019 the Year of Healthy Fast Food

More than 80% of people eat out at least once per week all over the world. Finding food that is healthy can be a struggle when fast food dominates the market. Fast foods such as burgers and chicken are high in sodium, trans fat, and cholesterol. People who consume these substances regularly, have a 51% increased risk of developing depression. Eating fast food has been shown to contain phthalates which negatively affect your hormone levels and fertility. Fast food, however, can be both healthy, fast, delicious, and fulfilling if you know what to choose from the menu. 

Wraps – The New Cheeseburger 

Wraps have been gaining momentum over the last few years as a healthy fast food alternative to the famous burgers and fries of days gone by. Wraps are still considered fast food while simultaneously being thought of as more healthy compared to other options available because of their high vegetable content. Within a classic chicken wrap, lean chicken breast averages 170 calories compared to over 300 in fried chicken and burgers. Limiting heavy calorie sauces like mayonnaise which averages 90 calories a tablespoon or Ranch which averages 75 calories a tablespoon can help make your fast food a healthier alternative. Wraps are a good alternative for those trying to avoid the calories, carbohydrates and general unhealthiness of fast food while still taking advantage of the benefits of the speed and efficiency of fast food. 

Pizza – The Surprise Player 

Pizza is often regarded as unhealthy and as a cheat item for those on a diet. Pizza does not have to be though as many versions of the favorite dish appear in many different forms. Vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike eat all kinds of pizza and now there are even gluten-free versions available making it available to everyone, cheat day or not. Like wraps, pizza is regarded as a more familiar version of unhealthy food, but it can be minimized. Ordering a smaller size pizza can help you save a lot of calories and fat slice by slice. For example at Papa Johns, a large pizza has 280 calories and 680mg of sodium per slice while a medium pizza slice only has 200 calories and 480mg of sodium. When providers such as Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and other international brands make healthier options more affordable and more widespread, customers response and make those choices their preferences. Shopping for a healthier alternative becomes easier and customers respond well because their desires to eat out while consuming healthier alternatives becomes a reality. 

Other Healthy Options 

Vegetable based options for your favorite fast foods are also becoming more popular. People are preferring falafel to kebab, veggie burgers to Big Mac’s, and tofu to chicken. Mcdonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and other major fast foods now offer these healthier options in addition to some of their favorite foods. These options are going to gain momentum in 2019 as more people realize the importance of healthier eating in their diet even when at fast food places.

Healthy options remain a good choice in the new year for those willing to try a new way of eating but not wanting to comprise on their time. Luckily the major fast food joints are trying to get in on the healthy market as well. In 2019 we will be seeing more options, a variety of healthy foods available, and all available at your favorite fast food places