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4 Tips for Making the Perfect Burger at Home

If you love a good burger, you might have found yourself wondering how you can make restaurant-quality burgers at home. In particular, if you love a certain style, recipe, or ingredients for your burger, it can seem like a daunting task to make something equally as delicious in your own kitchen. Fortunately, it actually is fairly easy to make great burgers at home at a fraction of the cost of restaurant patties. Here are four tips for making the perfect burger at home.

Start With Great Beef

A great burger starts with great beef. For the best results, select ground chuck steak that’s somewhere between 80 to 85 percent lean. This ratio will have just enough fat to give the burger a good flavor without losing too much of the patty’s volume during the cooking process. It’s also best to select a coarse-ground hamburger meat, since it will hold together better on the grill. Rather than buying the beef from the freezer section of your grocery store, get it from the meat counter, or better yet from a local butcher. This beef is fresher and will give you a better semblance to a restaurant style hamburger.

Use a Burger Mould

To ensure a uniform patty size and shape, hamburger moulder equipment is essential. Using a burger mould will allow you to turn out patties that look great and are just the right size for a bun. Patties made this way will also be the same thickness throughout, meaning that you’ll get a more evenly-cooked burger. Whether you plan on making the burgers on a barbecue grill, on a stovetop grill, or in a skillet, using a burger mould to get an even shape and thickness will instantly make your job easier.

Use Fresh, Quality Toppings

When it comes to putting your burgers together, the toppings are every bit as important as the patty itself. Select the freshest vegetables you can find to go on your burger, as fresher ingredients will lend superior flavor to the finished product. If you can afford it and it is accessible, purchase organic produce ingredients for toppings. You should also get the best cheese possible, preferably a good cheddar or swiss, depending on what other toppings you like. Spending a little extra on ingredients is alright, since you’ll still be saving money when compared to buying an equivalent burger at a restaurant, especially if you are making burgers for a party or the whole family.

Toast the Bun on the Grill

The final step to getting a perfect burger at home is to toast the bun itself lightly on the grill. This is a technique employed by almost every restaurant to ensure that buns remain crisp, rather than soaking up fat or sauces and becoming soggy. To toast your bun, brush it lightly with melted butter and place it flat side down on your grill shortly before the patties are ready to come off. A light browning is all you need, so be sure to keep a close eye on the buns and pull them off as soon as they’re ready. Always use fresh buns from a bakery, as these will toast more evenly and will better compliment the flavors of your burger.

By following these four simple tips, you can greatly improve the burgers you make at home and easily reach the same quality as burgers you get in high-level restaurants. Once you perfect the art of making burgers, you’ll never have to go to a restaurant for a great burger again and you can make them anytime you crave them at home, no matter the time of day or night.

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