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Best gourmet food items to keep around the house

People have been much more into experimenting with their new recipes and trying them out than going out for lunch and dinner. The best thing about cooking it themselves is to customize it according to your taste buds and save a good amount of penny. The flavor game turns more impressive when you try out new things with gourmet food items. It’s a blessing for those who don’t prefer street foods and are much cautious about their health and hygiene. Having sole control over products allows you to decide how much quantity you want it to be used and on stop solutions for your cravings. Going shopping for these fantastic gourmet ingredients and knowing more about flavors have always been a fun activity. In this article, we will be discussing the best gourmet food items to keep around the house and amaze your children by serving something better than a restaurant. To shop for the best quality gourmets, visit the Gift basket store

Olive Oil

People have been switching to olive oil from their old mustard or sunflower oil. The world is now aware of its advantage, and the best thing about this is, a little amount makes it sufficient. Oil has always been counted on the sides of unhealthy ingredients, but it doesn’t go with extra virgin olive oil. However, they are a little expensive but lasts longer than your usual oil. Olive oil can make your dish exponentially taste better than usual. You can use it at the top of any meal and let it taste it, wow and this makes it a must-have in your kitchen.

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love desserts, and what can be more exciting than having a perfect dessert at home? A dessert is incomplete without chocolate and can be transformed into many ways. Everyone loves rich, creamy chocolates on the top of ice cream or dipped in cookies. You can also pour the melted dark chocolates at the base of your home-baked cake, milkshakes, or fruit salad. There are just endless ways to do it. Dark chocolates are also known for mood boosters and are suitable for health. 

Peanut Butter

Have you ever thought about replacing your extra calorie butter with the healthy peanut butter? The aroma of peanuts with sea sat is just another level. These butter are a must-have for calorie conscious people to include in their breakfast. Just spread it on your bread, and don’t forget to take an extra bite straight from the jar. The butter contains no sugar, preservatives, or anything else and gives you feel of having peanuts in real. If you were unaware of it, then it’s a must try to add in your gourmet space, and you would be in absolute love with it.

 Fish Sauce

For the hardcore Non-Veg lovers, the gourmentary collection would be incomplete without fish sauce. The generation wants so much to with Fish recipes. It could be easily molded into traditional, Thai, or contemporary fish. A fish sauce makes your work much easier when it comes to adding flavors into it.  The moistness and softness of fish soak all the sauce and give a fantastic outcome. Fish is known to be healthy, and if you are done with the old traditional taste of it, this would be worth buy. The sauce is fermented to give a Southeast Asian touch with its sharp, spicy, and juicy flavor. You can also use this sauce with your version of dumplings. Just dip it directly or mix it worth soy sauce to make it fancier. 


Pickles have the magic power to turn any boring food into an interesting one. Pickles come in a lot of different varieties, flavors, and preservatives. So you can choose your favorite one, and it will surely make your eyes roll off with the sweet and sour taste of it. The jar comes so handily that you can take it along while traveling. Add it to your daily rice meal or evening sandwich or put a spoon in grilled meats. The hot garlic flavor makes it an excellent topping for your snacks.


People love having a fantastic collection of gourmets available in supermarkets with a twist of different flavors. Some ingredients must keep gourmet in your kitchen, making sure to turn the food delicious with global flavors. It’s time to experiment with these newbies instead of going with old traditional ingredients.