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How to use granite Rock Pans

Have you just bought a granite pan and seek a direction to use it and secure it?

You have come to the right place, glad to see you here.

I hope you are patient with the reading because this thread has got your covered so well.

4 Easy Tips to use Granite Rock pans: Genuinely great ones.

Flame it low

Now the very first step in any cooking is to ignite the flame on the stove. As you do it, with this pan, please always keep the flame low for the first 2 minutes. By low, I really mean the low because, for some people, low means the medium.

What it does: This practice prepares your pan for the healthy cooking, on real terms. The heat energy will start gathering on the surface and in the right amount, just as needed, not less and not more, just on point.

Back it with oil

In the first minute of the low flame, you have to add a little oil. Being the second step, never ever skip it, please. For the sake of good food and for the survival of your granite pan, you need to be rigid with the rules.

What it does: The surface of the granite pans is somewhat nonstick but stainless steel being the part of the game, deep down, you have to take care of two materials. As you add oil, the food will never stick as the thought of stainless steel can convince anyone that it may.

Speed it up to medium 

Now is the time that we get on the track or be real with what we are looking forward to, your recipe, right. The ideal flame to cook the average recipes is medium, stick to this fact. The idea to reach to the medium slowly and then hold on to it for good has a logic behind it.

What it does: The quality of the pan can only be retained seriously if you do not exceed the temperature. Most of the time we buy the cookware in pulse, without knowing that what kind of elements have been used. In the best case, keeping the flame on average can protect your immune for as long as you use that cookware. In the worst case, the harmful elements may start leaching, directly in contact with your food and as a cherry on the top of ”bad cake”, you may don’t even know what are you eating until a disease appear.

With that, your food is packed with rich nutrients besides real taste because different ingredients release their taste at different flames and as you provide two ideal ones, the food will be delicious no matter how bad cook you are.

Skip the leaching

There is a second lesson to skip the leaching and that is, bring the wooden spatula. I can also suggest the nylon and silicone spatulas too but right now, I just want you to use wooden instead. 

What it does: The metal spatulas, the usual ones, are rigid for the surface and the nonstick will not be nonstick anymore with their constant usage. The wooden spatulas are harmless and further great in adding up the taste.

Is Granite Rock cookware safe to use?

On a soft note, it is safe to use.

But on a serious note, it will be safe because of you.

Well, Granite rock pans are made of stainless steel, as a base.

On top of that is a glass coated so finely that the pan ends up being a traditional nonstick pan that we all love to own, use and reuse time and again.

This is because, at the end of the day, our efforts are counted and we make our life healthy and wholesome because we choose it to be this way.

Since frying pans are high-time and essence of our kitchen routine and it is necessary for the pan to furnish that perfect quick-mode nonstick surface.

All set to be admired by everyone, it is 2-in-1 stainless steel and nonstick on the go. Isn’t it a unique kind of cookware after all?

The chances are fair that your low-handling to it make it leach and not-so-wanted toxins like PFOA and PTFE end up being the part of your dish.

Because a high temperature can do anything and you need to avoid that with this pan in particular. 

Before buying, just make sure there is no trace of Teflon anywhere in the manufacturing and otherwise it’s all good.

If you are convinced about its safety and want to bring it home, read more about Granite Rock Pan reviews at 

Does Granite rock pan need to be seasoned?

This has to be decided by you because Granite rock pans already endorse a nonstick surface which indicates that no seasoning has to be done.

You can agree on it with the level of the stickiness of the surface of your Granite rock pan.

In case it sticks really bad, you should sooner start the seasoning following a planned schedule.

Luckily, on the other hand, if it sticks quite less and just on and off, the good news is, you are out of this mess.

Don’t be too quick to judge that, you can try your pan one or two weeks pretty well before arriving at any conclusion and bingo.

How to season the Granite pan?

Here’s a complete direction:

• Start with washing the pan thoroughly in warm water. You can mix up the dish detergent into warm water and rinse the pan with it. 

• Let it dry completely then. You can also use a towel to dry it instead of self-drying but make sure the towel or cloth is clean otherwise the seasoning will be of no use.

• Preheat your oven somewhere between 350 and 400 degrees, though the best it either the full 350 or the full 400 degrees.

• Put it in the oven and keep it there for the quick good 2 or 3 minutes to ensure the sound dryness of the surface.

• Pick a good oil, the cooking oil can go great too and season the surface. Let it dry.


I am sure, if you follow this thread, your pans, granite or any, are going to thank you for the trea