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Cloning Your Plants Via Hydroponics

We all want to have the best things for ourselves, and that is only natural. We want to make sure that we are always comfortable and get the best possible version of anything, and that is part of our nature. So, be it clothes, electronics or anything else, we want to make sure that we can get the best possible option within our means, and sometimes we even go beyond that. If you are someone that happens to be fond of gardening or wants to get into gardening and growing your own plants, then you probably know that gardening is truly a labor of love, and at the same time, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience, because you will never get it right every single time. In fact, even the most experienced gardeners struggle from time to time with different crops throughout the year.

One way to get the perfect plant every single time is by cloning them, and contrary to what television has made you believe, cloning your plant is actually not as difficult to do. Cloning a plant involves cutting the stem out of one plant and then using that to grow your new plant. The plant that you cut the stem from is known as the mother plant, and the stem that will grow into your new plant will be the exact copy of your mother plant. If you are interested in setting up that kind of system for yourself, you can look into this clones provider for more information.

You want to make sure that your mother plant is perfect or has the desired qualities that you want in all of your cloned plants because you will not be able to change anything about your clone plant, this is why it is important to have a good and healthy mother plant.

Hydroponics is a gardening method that is very different from traditional gardening and you can adopt this method for yourself while you are growing your own clowns. Hydroponics is a process that involves you growing your plant in a mineral-rich base that is actually not soil. You can buy this base from different retailers, and because soil is not used in the growing process, you get a very clean growing process and you do not have to worry about having space for soil, especially if you happen to live in a smaller living space where soil is not readily available to you or you do not want to deal with the look or mess that soil creates.

There are a number of different ways you can create a hydroponic base for your plants yourself, so if you are interested in creating your own base as opposed to buying it, then you can do that too. Your essential items include a healthy mother plant, rooting gel, a pot that you want to grow your clones in, and a sterile cutting tool.

You want to make sure that your mother plant has proper shoots, and you should ideally cut up to a 5inch shoot for every clone that you want to create. If your mother plant has multiple shoots, then you can create multiple clones at the same time. You want to cut your shoot diagonally or in a manner that best exposes the inner stem cleanly.

You can then use the rooting gel to place some on the tip of your exposed shoot and then place that shoot on your growing medium. The root gel is optional, however, it helps your shoot to stick better in your base. Once your plant is in the base, you then let it do its thing, and it can usually take around 2 weeks for the plant to start growing proper stems. You can then examine the stem to see the status of the roots, if the roots are healthy and relatively well developed, you can then remove the plant from its hydroponic base and then plant it in soil and let it grow as it normally would.

This is one of the best ways you can ensure to get perfectly healthy clones every single time since the hydroponic base creates the perfect medium for forming clones. This is not only quick, but it is also convenient and relatively cheap in the long-run. You can use the hydroponic cloning method to clone any kind of plant as long as it has viable shoots that can be used. This way you can even end up growing your own produce, decorative plants and so on. The possibilities are actually endless, and the cloning method ensures that you get the perfect plant every single time. So, if you happen to be starting out or are just looking for a more convenient solution, then cloning your plant is the way for you.