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How To Slice Cooked Steak: All You Need To Know

Steak is one of the most favorite items of all foods to almost everyone. And this is not so easy to be a master of cooking steak. Steak is a kind of item that is something beyond other recipes. If you can cook a steak properly then you can save your money from going to the steak house you are planning on any occasion.

Cooking a perfect steak is all about precision and proper technique. This is not very much complex to cook but it makes a huge difference between someone who knows how to make it properly and the one who doesn’t know.

When it comes to the cooking technique of steak, we just think about the ingredients, proper temperature, seasoning and all. But we don’t think about what is coming after finishing the cooking. Before serving, slicing the steak properly is very important. It is also an important part of cooking the steak correctly.  It will surely make a huge difference to the person you serve the steak.

So I am going to share everything you need to know about slicing cooked steak properly. 

Let The Meat Rest Before Slicing It:

So the first thing is, don’t start slicing the meat right after finishing the cooking. You may hear from the chef’s to let the meat rest to keep the flavor. But you should know that you also need to let the meat rest before slicing it.

Now the question is why you need to let the steak rest?

When you remove the steak from the heat, all the juices are gathered near the surface area of the steak. As well as the meat is not even and also overly tender. When you let the meat rest, the juice will be redistributed over the steak and you will get the improvement dramatically on the internal texture of the steak. If you try to slice the steak immediately after cooking it will be a pulpy disaster.

Now how much time should you give to rest the steak? For smaller cuts let it rest for 5-10 minutes and for larger cuts, keep it 15-30 minutes in rest. Loosely cover them and keep in a warm place to keep the steak nice and warm.

Choose The Right Tools For Slicing:

So everyone generally wants to slice the steak with the chef’s knife, but a brisket knife will be more helpful as well as appropriate for slicing steak. You can check which brisket knife will be best suited for you in kitchengeeky.

You also need to use your tongs. As the steak will be hot and oily, it will be tough for you to hold it with your non-dominant hand. So using tongs will be helpful. You also can use a large fork instead of tongs. 

Trim The Fat Before Serving:

Fat in steak is flavorful but it is not fun to eat. Beef fat isn’t fully rendered and very unpleasant to chew. People usually leave the fat when they get the steak on their plate. I will suggest trimming the fat before serving the steak which will create a good eating experience.

Slice The Meat Against The Grain:

A very common mistake of people while cooking the steak is slicing the meat with the grain instead of against it. Cutting across the fiber and shorten them will make you comfortable to chew through and will make the meat more tender rather than cutting in the direction they run.

So before slicing it, look at the meat carefully. You will notice either some horizontal or vertical lines are going over the meat. This is called the grain. Now don’t cut the steak in the same direction the fibers are going. Slice it across the line. If you slice it like this way, then you don’t need to chew through the fibers as the knife has already done this work for you. It’s a very simple trick for slicing steak and doing it makes your eating more pleasant.

Some prefer to slice it at a 45-degree angle. But if the steak you are going to slice is thin like flank or skirt steak, you don’t need to be bothered about a 45-degree angle. But it is true that the angled stripe looks more attractive.

So here are the tips and tricks for you to slice cooked steak properly. I hope this will help you and you should definitely try this way to make your steak more delicious as well as your cooking style in the right way.

Happy Cooking!!!!