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Easy Lunches

I’ve been eating out for lunch too often, so I’ve decided to start making something to reheat at work. Any advice for easy, healthy make-ahead lunches?

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  1. You can make a tomato and onion based gravy that can be used for a bunch of different curries. I have used the same curry for mixed veg (just use a bag of frozen mixed veg), mushroom curry, aloo matar (potato and pea curry), and even a roasted pepper curry. These can also be used for paneer makhani, or butter chicken. Make the gravy in a large batch and store it in the fridge or freezer, take it out when necessary and substitute as necessary.

  2. I make a big pan of green dal some weeks and take extra coriander, lemon and chilli with me to garnish in work. I eat it with chapati. It’s so filling and perfect for winter.

  3. You can look for various stuffed Parathas like Gobhi, Aloo, Mooli etc. or you can go for Cheela or go for various kind of sandwiches or look for various rolls like Egg roll, chicken roll etc. or you can look at various south Indian delicacies like Uttapam, Upma etc or some plain paratha/chapati and some dry vegetable like Bhindi, Arbi, Methi Aloo etc.

    Also don’t forget various type of Noodles.

    **P.S.** I have restricted myself here to quick lunches which you can quickly prepare, reheat and have it at any time of day. Be it in lunch or be it in breakfast or brunch.

  4. Great suggestions so far. I like to do pulao and khichdi dishes with different veggies in each time. Sometimes simple sukhi sabjis with rice preparations like like lemon/tamarind/tomato rice – you could even bring in dry papad to make in the microwave and eat with this.

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