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Help me identify this dosa

So, my mother used to make this dosa for breakfast, that we only referred to as “wheat dosa”. I would eat them as is, all day. It was yellow in colour, with onions, tomatoes and green chillies in it. It tasted mostly sweet with a little savoury. Texture wise it was almost like a firmer, thicker neer dosa; not flaky like rava or normal dosas. Neither was it fluffy like appams. It looked similar to [this]( but, with onions and tomatoes in it. I’m wondering if maybe added jaggery gave it its distinct yellow colour, and sweetness.

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  1. Sounds like tomato omlette. Google for the recipe. There are no eggs so the name is misleading. Are you sure it was sweet? That is the only thing that is throwing me off.

    1. Yeah, it seems tomato omellete is a type of cheela. It might just be the tomatoes that gave it a sweet taste. Only one way to find out!

    1. Thanks! The first link reminds me of how the batter would look when on the pan. I am going to try both wheat dosa and cheela, and get to the bottom of this!

      1. It looks more like a besan cheela than a wheat dosa bc the color is golden and the texture is different. I like to make them plain and then stuff them with spiced spinach and cheese, using the toaster oven to crisp them and melt the cheese. Or I flavor them like a pizza, cook them on a covered pan/oven (oven is better) until the cheese is done and roll them like a cigar.They are almost instant to do.

  2. My mom tells me she mostly likely made pula. It might of been sweet with the jaggery but that would not have given it that yellow color.

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