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recommendations for good Indian cookbooks?

Hello, I am looking for a good cookbook of Indian recipes. The one I have now is simple but the food I think it might be the amounts of spices aren't enough. Anyways, anyone have recommendations for a good, authentic cookbook. Click here read more abouut indian cuisine

Tips for dosa?

Short: what's your preferred Dosa flour? Ratio of rice to black gram? Should wheat be in there? Any premixed flours you recommend, or should you mix your own, or even grind your own? What's up with sour curd? Long: My family has been cooking and eating quite a bit of dosa

Tomato Ki Chutney

Does anyone have a traditional Pakistani recipe for the above please? I think I might have all the ingredients in. Just want to check with someone who makes it regularly. Thanks! It's one of my childhood favourites.

Making paneer

Any tips for making tasty paneer strong enough to be threaded onto tandoor skewers? I have made a few batches that will stay together being grilled on a plancha, but I want it to be better. I have tried pressing it for longer (24h), adding cream, adding more lemon juice,

DIY Energy bar recipes

I am looking for options to make nut bars/energy bars that have no sugar(not even the replacement ones) at home. If you're Indian you might be already aware of [chikki](, I am want something similar to that. * I will make it with a combination of oats/peanuts/almonds and other nuts. * I

Traditional Indian Cooking Pots

Sup indian friends! Recently watched the film, Hare Krishna, about the famous indian yoga philosopher Swami Prabupada! I was very much moved by this film and chant Hare Krishna frequently as a result. During the film, the Swami cooked using these nesting pots that looked like they were cooking rice, beans, and