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Everything You Need To Know To Prepare Winning Fast Food Resume

Some individuals consider fast food service to be a reserve for the unskilled. However, plenty of people have built their careers around preparing fast foods. While it may appear that you are wrapping up greasy products, it is critical to appreciate that fast food experience is an effective way to develop skills that you can transfer to other fields. This article will show you how to make food service sound good on a resume for work you are going to apply.

Essential skills in food service

The following are food service skills for resume that you need to have.

  • High standards of customer service.

You need to indicate your ability to maintain a high level of customer service even during fast-paced operations. An employer needs to see that you can offer high-quality services during high-volume operations.

  • Positiverelations with coworkers.

An employer expects you to relate well with your coworkers as well as the management. Include in the resume that you have excellent communication skills and that you get along well with workmates. Include in the resume your ability to resolve conflicts professionally.

  • Ability to follow established systems

Indicate your mastery of the point-of-service (POS) system for companies that have automated order taking. Include in the resume your ability to handle both currency and credit transactions as required.

  • Ability to maintain customer loyalty

Show the employer that you have what it takes to build a loyal clientele. State how you can built customer loyalty by ensuring friendly interactions with the clients.

Duties of a fast food worker

Being a fast food worker would require you to have a range of skills so that you can handle the various responsibilities. The following are some of the responsibilities that you will undertake as a fast food worker you have to include these ways writing a CV.

  • Preparing food items.

You are required to know how to have the necessary cooking techniques to prepare delicious fast food items.

  • Serving food to multiple clients.

An employer expects you to serve fast foods to multiple clients. You are supposed to do it promptly while at the same time offering exceptional customer service.

  • Obtaining cash and credit payments.

It is your responsibility to take payments from clients and ensure that they have the correct change and then issue then with receipts. Further, you are expected to reconcile receipt totals with the cash and credit payments and address the issue of shortage.

  • Inventory management.

While dealing with inventory, you are expected to order merchandise and keep track of all the inventory in the fast food store. You could also assist in unloading merchandise off the truck.

Describing work experience in fast food

Food service skills for resumeare critical. On the one hand, you may not have any full-time experience that you can include in your resume. However, do not get worriedsince you can frame your skills as your biggest selling point. Utilize your objective statement to elevate your qualifications to showcase what you will bring to the fast food company.

On the other hand, you may have experience in fast food,but you want to revise your resume to move to another opportunity. You need to begin by studying the job listing in the new position. Customize your skills to suit the requirements of the new job. Highlight the experience that is relevant to the new position. Show how your previous experience will add value to the fast food company.

Making fast food sound good on your resume

You need to appreciate that skills and experiences in fast food are critical even to other fields. When writing your resume, ensure that your skills and experiences in this area stand out. Having fast food resume skillswill assist you in ensuring that your resume captures the attention of an employer. Tailor your skills and experiences to the job opening. Ensure that the resume objective and summary matches the job you are applying. This will make the hiring manager identify your skills and experiences easily which increases your chances of being offered the job.

Resume examples

The following fast food resume exampleswill assist you to know how to tailor your resume to suit the job you want.

  1. For an individual without full-time experience





A result-driven food service professional dedicated to offering the best services to clients


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Result oriented
  • Focus on customer service


XYZ College, Certificate in food handling, December 2017

San High School, Diploma, 2016

Work Experience

Food handling and safety trainee, ABC bar and grill, October 2018 to present

  • Cleans tables
  • Serves food
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Handling the POS system

Dishwasher, Red grill, May 2015- January 2018

  • Sample resume for an experienced individual





Veteran food server with more than five years of experience and a strong history of customer service.

Work Experience

Shift manager, Better Fast Foods, June 2016 to date

  • Generated revenue of more than $1 million.
  • Supervise the cash register
  • Handle client issues
  • Manage employee shifts and duties

Server, Blue Grills, July 2014-May 2016

  • Offered excellent services to clients
  • Collected cash and credit payments
  • Discussed menu options with clients

Conclusively, following the tips on this article will assist you in preparing appropriate resumes for fast food. Ensure that you customize every resume to fit the job opening. Ensure the resume indicates the skills and experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying.