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Alternatives to tofu for my curries?

I usually use tofu for my curries as a cheap and ethical source of protein, but between tofu and chickpeas I’m getting a but bored. What are some interesting and cheap, preferably veggie, sources of protein I can use?

I’m going to start making more dahl as a start.

23 thoughts on “Alternatives to tofu for my curries?

  1. Look for recipes for cashew curries. Excellent. And don’t forget dals – you can use a variety of lentils from mung beans to toor dal. If you have a good Chinese/Asian shop, they will also have a variety of tofu types – five spice tofu, tofu puffs, dried tofu sheets etc that add variety.

    1. Cheaper and still tasty, and I’d wager slightly better for you? But mainly cause it’s cheap, I’m no exactly a health nutol.

      1. That makes sense, although I think nutritionally they are probably both even. If you have a restaurant supply store in your town, you can buy Paneer there for fairly cheap. There is a Restaurant Depot where I live and they sell 5 lb packages for about $17.

        1. I live in an area with a huge Indian and Pakistani community so I’ll definitely be able to find it, but tofu is £2 for 500g, which I can get 3 large meals out of (and 2-3 servings per meal) so it’s hard to beat on price.

  2. Cauliflower and potatoes is good. Bell pepper and onions and paneer is good. Cabbage and potatoes and peas is another that’s good

    1. Aside from paneer and I think peas (?), are any of those protein? I love lots of veg in my food but I need affordable protein in my diet, and nuts and meat are both expensive here. So I think it’s gonna be tofu, paneer and chickpeas for me (gonna save other pulses for Mexican and Mediterranean food)

    1. Was gonna say this. Saw a post earlier where somebody made saag paneer but used tofu instead of paneer. Thought that was weird.

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