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How do neon lights work?

In today’s era, every hotel, restaurant, and company used neon signs for their advertisement because they know that neon signs help a lot to make them the brand. 

Neon signs, people attract any business because of neon lights. But the question is, How do neon lights work? Moreover, whenever any business owner thinks to buy neon signs, then he thinks about the working of neon lights. 

Without knowing about the functions of neon light, you can’t be able to buy an attractive neon sign for your business marketing.

That’s why we’re here to explain to you the working of neon lights. When you get all the information about neon lights, then you’re able to buy an attractive neon sign.

In this article, we’re going to explain to you briefly the colors, cost, and capacity of neon lights. So, read this article with full focus and interest. If you want neon sign with attractive lights then order on

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. How do neon lights become colorful?

Neon gas is the first gas that is used to create a light, and the tubes filled with neon gas are known as neon lights. The neon lights have a life span of a maximum of 8-15 years. 

These lights are used in street signs and also these are used for decoration. As well as, the people who love cars use these neon lights under their cars.

 In homes, parents use these neon lights under the bed of their children as decoration. The first neon sign was made in 1925 by the USA and the sign is made for advertising purposes.

The neon sign manufacturers used different gasses in neon signs like neon, argon, helium, krypton, and xenon, and these gasses are used for the neon lights.

 In neon signs, the positively charged atoms move toward the negative terminal and free electrons are attracted toward the positive terminal. Also, when the electric current is passed to a source of neon light, the particles which are present in the gas throw out from the rotation.

Moreover, light is created by the clash of electrons, and whenever the electrons are captured by the atoms enough energy is produced which helps the neon sign to produce light.

2. Is neon light costly?

The standard power supply for which the red neon sign is used for gaining energy is 3.5-4 watts. If you have a company that must need a sign to grab the attraction of customers, then in this case neon lights are better than fluorescent.

Furthermore, if you constantly used the neon sign for 12 hours then it consumes 15.3-17.5 kWh electricity per day and per year it consumes a lot of energy as compared to fluorescent light which consumes 50 percent more energy than a neon sign.

Moreover, the electricity costs you $1.12 per kilowatt-hour and LED lights to consume less energy compared to neon tubes. But the main issue with the LED light is they are less effective as compared to neon tubes.

So, it is true that neon lights cost you more, but they are long-lasting, and their life span is about a maximum of 8-10 years. That’s why you must use them.

3. What is the life span of neon lights?

As we discuss above, neon signs are invented by the USA in 1925 in the mid of 20th century. Many neon signs that were invented at that time are very famous these days.

On the other hand, they can survive for a very long time and their life span is in between 8-15 years. As well as, they also maintain their performance and if you want better performance then you must use neon lights.

Final Verdict about the working of neon lights:

In this article, we deeply explain to you the working of neon lights. We also try our best to explain to you how a neon light works and how they help you to attract customers.

As well as, life span, cost, and colors of neon light are also explained in this topic. So, the conclusion is, that you must use attractive neon lights for your business advertisement. We assure you it helps a lot to grow your business.
Hope you enjoy reading our article!