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Human Food That is Actually Good for Dogs

As most dog owners already know, dogs don’t have an identical digestive tract compared to humans. Consequently, certain foods that are a part of our everyday diets can be extremely dangerous for our furry pals if they eat it.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of types of food that are safe for dog consumption. In fact, these types of food contain many crucial nutrients that are vital for a dog’s health.

With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the common human household food items that dogs can eat as well.


There are certain vegetables that are quite beneficial to dogs — carrots are among them. In fact, these are some of the healthiest food items that you can feed them. Carrot chewing aids dogs in getting rid of plaque that gets stuck in their teeth; so it’s important for their long-term dental health.

Besides that, carrots are great when it comes to vitamin A intake — that’s something you want your dog to ingest – because it improves their coat, skin, and immune system. On the other hand, make sure your pup doesn’t go overboard with the carrots. Excess vitamin A — as is the case with most things — can actually prove to be toxic for dogs; moderation is crucial.


An apple a day keeps illness away — at least for humans. But it’s also a great food for your dog – because it contains both vitamins C and A. Besides the benefits of vitamin A that we’ve outlined above, apples provide a decent amount of fiber; this type of food can be excellent for your pet’s digestion. Just make sure that the dog doesn’t eat any apples that have begun to rot; as strange as it may seem, these can trigger alcohol poisoning.

White Rice

Regardless of how careful you are with your dog’s diet, they may get bad indigestion if they eat something that’s not good for them while you’re not looking. In that case, white rice is one of the best dog foods that you can give them if their tummies are upset.

If your doggo suffers from diabetes, make sure they only eat a tiny amount of rice; it can trigger a rise in blood sugar levels.


Many people believe that yogurt, cheese, and milk are bad for dogs. The truth is, their digestive system isn’t naturally predisposed to dairy, but they can eat it in small amounts. Still, bear in mind that dogs don’t have high levels of enzymes that serve to break down dairy products and the sugar found within. Plenty of dogs are lactose intolerant, so take care not to cause vomiting or diarrhea when you feed them.

Fish and Chicken

Dogs love healthy sources of much-needed protein — which is why they love eating tuna, shrimp, or salmon. Plus, some of these contain a lot of healthy fatty acids; complementing the health of their immune systems and skin. You should also know that shrimp contain a lot of vitamin B; a nutrient that’s vital for proper blood circulation and general digestion.

Of course, take care to cook any kind of fish before serving it to your pet; if you give them unprocessed raw fish, it may contain all kinds of disastrous parasites. Prepare it like you would for yourself.

Besides fish, dogs are also great fans of chicken. Just boil it, and serve it plain with absolutely no seasoning. This will ensure that your puppy can process it quickly; that’s very important if they’ve eaten something that they can’t digest easily beforehand.

Peanut Butter

While it may not seem so instinctively, peanut butter can be great for your dog — as long as you avoid the brands that contain artificial sweeteners or sugar. If you don’t put sugar or salt on it, dogs can actually benefit from a moderate amount of peanut butter.

For instance, this food item contains protein, healthy fats, and vitamins like B and E. Still, we want to stress once more — avoid artificial sweeteners. This is particularly true for xylitol, a food sweetener that’s practically deadly for dogs.


Bear in mind that we’re talking about completely plain popcorn. So, it shouldn’t contain any sugar, butter, or salt. When served like that, it can be an easily digestible treat for your furry buddies.

And it’s a nutritional one as well — popcorn can be an excellent source of different materials, such as zinc and magnesium. All of these play a major role in the proper health of your dogs.

Before you serve the popcorn, just make sure that there are no unpopped kernels in the mix. Dogs can’t eat them as easily as humans can, and they’re prone to choking.


Pork is another meat that’s a fine treat for dogs — when it’s cooked without seasoning and served in moderation. While pork can be healthy for dogs, that’s only true for small amounts. This type of meat contains plenty of fat, and dogs can’t digest a lot of fat without difficulties; even leading to dangerous inflammations.

Also, avoid giving ham or bacon to dogs — this meat has too much salt for them to handle.


You can also give a cooked turkey to your dogs — but just as we’ve said about pork, only unseasoned and plain. It’s a great food to get protein from, which is why many commercial brands of store-bought dog food have it.

Healthy Alternative

Fur parents like yourself also need to work to continue providing for your pup’s needs and wants. If you lack time and feel unsure of what safe human food to give them, high-quality fresh dog food is a healthy and yummy alternative. 

Fresh dog foods are among the safest and healthiest options as they contain all the nutrients required for your dog’s development. They’re delicious for your pup too! Of course, you have to look for a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of fresh dog foods. Also, check the label to make sure that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that will trigger your pup’s allergies. 


As you can see, plenty of foods that we eat can also be served to dogs. It’s only a matter of finding out which human food is healthy for them, and then going through the proper methods of preparation. Dogs don’t appreciate seasoned or salty food, so serve everything as plain as you can. We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new today. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we’re all going through. Have a good one, guys!