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Indica Vs Sativa: Must Know Some Essential Before Consuming

There are more than 1000 strains of cannabis found in the last few years. All have different properties to cure different diseases. It is very hard for patients to learn about particular strains for curing diseases and ailments. Therefore, we have created a write-up defining the two most widely used strains named Indica and Sativa. Learning about these two strains helps to ensure successful treatment for your disorder. 

Indica and Sativa strains are different from physiological and appearance facts. Let’s know about them:

Know About Indica

  • How do Indica strains look?

Indica plants are short and found in bushier form. Its leaves are short and wider compared to Sativa plants. Indica plants grow faster than Sativa and each plant produces more buds. These plants contain a high level of cbd and less THC.  

  • Benefits of Indica?

Indica strains are known for body high. Therefore helps to cure various ailments.  All you need to choose is the strongest indica strain for your need and consider the right timing.

  • Relaxation
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Sleep aid
  • Pain relief
  • What is the right time to use Indica?

As the Indica strain can keep your body high. Therefore choosing a time before going to bed is considered the right time for consumption. As it works well with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of your body at night. It promotes your sleep and keeps all everyday stress and worries away. Even if you are struggling with chronic pain, you will get relief the next morning. Consuming for a few days at night also helps to improve appetite stimulation.

Know about Sativa

  • How do Sativa strains look?

Sativa cannabis plants are grown in regions with mild winters and long summers. These plants reach 10 feet high and have longer and thinner leaves. Sativa flowers take a long time to grow and there is no climatic impetus to reproduce. Sativa plants produce lower yields than Indica plants. 

  • Benefits of Sativa?

While India is known for keeping the body high, whereas Sativa has a cerebral effect. Therefore, it helps the person be more alert and uplifts mood swings. Here we have more benefits of choosing Sativa:

  • Alertness
  • Uplifting and euphoric
  • Creativity
  • Increased energy level 
  • What is the right time to use Sativa?

Sativa helps to uplift the brain’s functioning. Hence, it is advised to eat Sativa during day time. It helps to improve concentration and creativity while working. Therefore a person can work effectively at their job. Moreover, some jobs require a high energy level, Sativa helps to meet expectations and keeps you alert throughout the day. In addition, younger users less experience panic attacks, depressions, confusion, paranoia with its consumption.  


Indica and Sativa, both are amazing remedies to cure various illnesses naturally. All you need to know is which stain will go best for your trouble. Remember, always choose authentic and genuine sellers while buying, and do not get confused while choosing Indica or Sativa. Read the label and check leaves and buds discrimination. Lastly, always pay attention to the right timing while consuming as Sativa is best for daytime consumption, whereas Indica is good to take at night.