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Non-stick cookware may boost cholesterol Control – Reason Behind it

Cholesterol is vital for the human body. Positive if taken and appropriately maintained, and deadly if consumed too much. In fact, clogging arteries is a result of a high amount of cholesterol in bodies, which often causes a heart attack. 

Nonetheless, the best news is that you can control the cholesterol level with a few easy steps. One of them is the use of non-stick cookware to boost cholesterol control. Studies have found that using non-stick cookware to prepare food may control the rate of harmful cholesterol growth to a significant level. 

But how does this happen seems to be a mystery to most people? Hence, today we are going to take a look at the reasons behind a non-stick cookware boosting cholesterol control and also going to reveal the mystery of non-stick cookware. 

So, let’s jump directly on the point. 

Good vs. bad cholesterol 

Before we start digging deep into the reasons for non-stick cookware as assistance to boost cholesterol, it is crucial to identify the difference between good and bad cholesterol. In general, HDL or high-density lipoprotein is known as good cholesterol that promotes our energy and agility. 

On the contrary, LDL or low-density lipoprotein is commonly known as bad cholesterol for human health. So, the next time you consider cholesterol control or boost up, remember that people are talking about LDL control, not the HDL. 

But how does non-stick cookware help to boost cholesterol control? If you want to know about it, stay tuned. 

How does non-stick cookware help to boost up cholesterol control?

A lot of people these days, doubt on the essentiality of a non-stick cookware or microwave oven to control their HDL level. But studies have found enough evidence that non-stick cookware comes a long way to burn down the fats and, consequently, boosting the cholesterol control process. 

That’s why “Third Report of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)recommended using a microwave oven and non-stick cookware to prepare food without extra fats. They suggested that non-stick pans use less oil, which comes handy to lower down the LDL level and resulting in a cholesterol-free life.

Is it some sort of magic? The answer lies in the following section. 

Less oil consumption

Non-sticky cookware requires less oil to cook. Most chefs and home cooks opined that non-sticky pans need around 15-20% less oil in comparison to regular iron cast cookware to cook food. So, this is a significant boost to control the LDL level.

Burning fats

In non-stick cookware, animal fats burn down quickly and accurately. As extra and saturated fat is burnt down to a significant level in the non-stick cookware, the ultimate result is a cholesterol-free meal. This way, the utility cookware boosts up LDL control.

Increasing HDL

Non-stick cookware is built in a way that, while cooking on them, their chemical components keep the excellent cholesterol intact in the food ingredients. This good cholesterol, aka, HDL, is good for our health, which is responsible for keeping our heart fit and running. 

As non-stick cookware boosts up HDL level, so it reduces the LDL or bad cholesterol in the human body.

Weight control

We have already seen that non-stick cookware uses less oil to cook and burns fat to a significant level. This helps us to control weight since oil and fat are the key players to increase human weight. Consequently, weight control goes a long way to control the amount of bad cholesterol in the human body, which is a result of using non-stick cookware.

Nonetheless, if you pick one from the top rated nonstick cookware review, you will get excellent benefits. It will thus help to get a grip on the cholesterol even more. 

Some crucial factors to control lousy cholesterol

Now we come down to the all-important question. If non-sticky cookware successfully controls cholesterol levels, what else can we do to get a firmer grip on the LDL? Well, the first thing you will need to do is to live a healthy life.

Besides, you can apply the following instructions also. 

Regular exercise

Several researches have found that a person who performs regular exercise experiences a significant increase in the HDL in their body. Consequently, LDL reduces in their body, and they remain safe and sound. 

So, we suggest you work out for 30 minutes per day with 4-5 days a week. This should help you a great way. 

Losing weight 

In the modern era, obesity or overweight is one of the most fundamental causes of LDL in the human body. So, if you wish to lower your LPD level, you need to lose weight (in case you are overweight). Losing roundabout 5-10 pounds will reduce the LPD quite promisingly. 

Get habituated with a healthy diet 

Most people, due to their busy schedule, often tend to finish their lunch with burgers, sandwiches, or other junk foods found around the street at ease. It is exceptionally unhygienic and also causes the boosting of lousy cholesterol. 

Instead, try to eat a balanced diet with particular importance on fresh fruits and vegetables. With an increased level of fiber and vitamins, vegetables and fruits are also suitable for nutrition in our body. 

Try eating good fat 

Although HDL is detrimental for our health, our body also needs a minimum amount of LDL to keep working. So, you will also require to consume a certain level of good fats from different sources of food. For instance, butter, palm and coconut oil, fish, dairy products, and saturated fats in vegetables are rancid.

On the contrary, the following fat is right for your body-

So, try to make a balance between all the food ingredients to boost up the cholesterol control for a disease-free life. 

Final words 

By this time, we hope that you have understood that the myth circulating around the non-stick cookware reducing the cholesterol level is a double-edged assumption. Although non-stick cookware controls bad cholesterol to a large extent, it’s not sufficient. Instead you need to follow a healthy and cholesterol-free (LPD-free) diet chart. 

Also, with regular exercise and an appropriate lifestyle, you can keep the bad cholesterol at bays and live a tension-free healthy life. So, what’s your decision? 

Choose wisely and live happily.