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The magic of Dominican Seafood

The Dominican Seafood is one of the most popular cuisines you will ever encounter, known for its taste and the traditional concept behind each served food. Their seafood is a mixture of various cultures, namely, Cina, Spain, and some of the countries in the Middle East. The speciality of Dominican seafood is that although it is mainly based on red beans and white rice, it has a special name, “Comida Criolla.”

There is a lot of difference between the seafood of the Dominican and Latin America. This is because of the African influence that it has on it. Obviously, in general, there are a lot of benefits to having seafood, but as far as Dominican seafood is considered, as nutritious as it is, the taste is just simply mind blowing. 

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Speaking of the taste of Dominican seafood, it comes from a long line of various influences, which you all must know about. Let us know about it. 

What is the magic about Dominican seafood?

The magic of Dominican seafood is all about capturing influences. And the very first influence that we must talk about is the Spanish influence. 

The influence of the Spanish on Dominican cuisine

As is evident from history, the Dominican Republic was occupied by Spain from and between 1492-1821. And after their short-lived independence, Spain and America invaded them again. And those were the years which highly influenced Dominican cuisine. The meat of porks and goats became a popular contemptuous treat, being influenced by the domestication of the Spaniards. 

And this is one of the reasons why there is this whole similarity between the meals of the Spaniards and Dominicans. The presence of rice and achiote makes Dominican meals all the more attractive and popular. And the aromatic smell of the dishes is quite intoxicating, which serves the magic of the Dominican seafood. 

The influence of the Middle East on Dominican cuisine

The Moorish invasion introduced the influence of the Middle East’s taste in the cuisines of the Dominican Republic. Well, in that perspective, the dishes of the Middle East and the Dominican Republic are quite a bit different, owing to the absence of the usual spices of the East and the no mint dishes. 

The Spices of the Dominican seafood 

The magic in Dominican seafood lies in the spices. The mixture of cinnamon, chilli powder, paprika, cumin, oregano and others such as garlic, ginger, achiote, and onion are the primary sources of the flavours of the Dominican soups and stews.  The magic of Dominican Seafo.jpg

Sofrito is another of the most commonly used spices in Dominican seafood, such as rice, stews, meaty stews and soups. The Dominican cuisines also share a large part of the herbs. And the one thing about the seafood of the Dominican Republic is that you can add your touch to it. 

There is no fixed rule for cooking Dominican cuisine. Instead, you can use the spices according to your preference and create your own magic. And that is also maintaining the traditional concept of food. Whether you are a person with a sweet tooth or spicy, if you ever try the Dominican cuisine of seafood, you will surely fall in love with it!

The Dominican Republic is known for its food, and the preparation of the food in its own style is one of the customs of the place, and you cannot turn your head back. Now, to move forward in this article, stating the magic of the Dominican seafood will be pretty injustice, not to mention some of the Dominican plates of seafood. Let us get started by naming some of the foods that you would love to eat. 

What are the must-have Dominican plates of seafood?

The following mouth-watering foods will surely make you admire the Dominican seafood cuisine, which you will love. Let us get started: 

  1. Paella 

It is one of the most delicious dishes of the Dominican Republic that you will ever come across. The local lobster and fish taste intensifies the dish cooked and served hot in a shallow pan in the Dominican Republic, following the traditional norms. Using different types of spices, fish, mussels, and clams, it is something meant to be genuinely Dominican, 

It is a dish where you will find the taste of annatto lining up along with the blended taste of rice. The black beans and meat is served along with it on the side, just to enhance the flavour of Paella.  

  1. Shrimp Asopao 

As the name suggests, it is a dish specialising in shrimps. It is made from a local stew with a fantastic taste. Although shrimps are the basic attention of this dish, the taste of the meat would never leave behind any Dominican dish. 

Shrimp Asopao is a dish with the taste of meat such as beef or pork and multiple veggies. Satisfying your taste buds, it is cooked with the flavours of pepper, salt and different traditional seasonings, which adds to the final touch of the dish. 

  1. Pescado Frito 

The dish’s name is suggestive of fried fish, one of the popular meals in the Caribbean. As the name suggests, fried fish, the entire dish, is not just about frying the fish only. The dish is served with vegetables only when it turns brown after being fried with traditional seasonings and oil. If you are visiting the beaches of the Dominican Republic, then the Pescado Frito is a must-try!

Final Words!

Who says that Dominican cuisine is meant to be tried in the Dominican Republic only? There are plenty of restaurants where you can try. Search for it, and don’t miss out on the Dominican seafood!