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What is Shawarma?


Shawarma is a dish that’s prominent in Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s one of the most popular street foods in Egypt. The inspiration for this dish came from Turkish doner kebab. Traditionally it was made with lamb or mutton, but beef, veal, chicken and turkey are also used today.

How is it made?

The meat is cut into thin slices, seasoned and marinated. After that, it’s stacked on a long skewer. This skewer is placed vertically and slowly rotated in front of a heating element, where the outer layer of the meat is continuously roasted. A long and sharp knife is used to cut the meat into servings.

Shawarma is most commonly served as a sandwich or a wrap. You can garnish it with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled vegetables or onions. A lot of places also offer you fries or hummus. This dish is rich in taste, with meatiness being nicely accommodated by the wrap and vegetables.

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