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Why the Australian Coffee Bean Reigns Supreme

Australians have a huge café culture where everyone is on board with the coffee. But what makes an Australia coffee bean so much better than coffee beans grown elsewhere?

The short answer is that Aussies know that coffee is so much more than good beans and good water. There’s a science behind brewing it, one that they have mastered, yet if you learn it, you can recreate that same amazing flavor in your home. 

How Australia Became the Worldwide Coffee Champ

Australia didn’t have much to do with coffee until after WWII when more Italians immigrated to the country They came with their stovetop presses that brewed up espresso instead of those drab drip machines.

In time, cafes opened up where Aussies were exposed to the delights of espresso in pure form. Thus, the rise of coffee began with a focus on the quality of the brew along with those fine Australia coffee bean options. 

What Makes Australian Coffee Beans Stand Out

Australians know that to make the best coffee, freshness is one of the things that cannot be compromised. A fresh Australian coffee bean is where it all begins. During the roasting process, carbon dioxide forms inside the beans. For up to 2 weeks following that roasting, the gases will seep from the beans. Degassing is such a critical step to allow for the best flavor.

If the beans aren’t properly degassed, they won’t create an even extraction when brewing which ruins that taste. Right after the degassing, that’s the best time for grinding the beans. Waiting too long, they will oxidize and become very stale. To have the best espresso flavor, you must grind your beans fresh and use them immediately or else risk affecting the taste. 

Additionally, even the best beans can taste off if you don’t take the time to clean your press between every extraction. The basket should also be wiped up so that it can provide the optimum, untarnished flavor of these Australian beans.

Let’s not forget how important the size of the grind is. Coarse grinds act like rocks for water to push through. It’s easier for it to flow with plenty of space. However, using smaller grinds is akin to a texture of sand. The water is then forced through at a higher pressure.

Essentially, you need to grind your coffee beans so they are fine enough to create a gradual extraction yet not so fine that the water has trouble passing through to give you that delightful brew you seek. Making the best coffee does take practice, though when you use Australian coffee beans, you are taking the first step to having a more heavenly coffee experience in every cup.