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Why You Should Use CBD Products for Cats

CBD products have had continuous growth in the market for the past years. There is no doubt that it has worked for many pets all around the globe. However, how do you know it will work for yours? Cats are great companions, not to mention they are low maintenance compared to dogs. They are also known for being independent and can fit into your busy life. 

Even though they are independent pets, they still need care and attention. Having a trusty companion to cuddle after a stressful day can be relaxing. These pets like to have a quiet environment and they do not like crowded places. I believe it is perfect when you are not comfortable with having many visitors as well. We can all agree that we will always do our best to keep our beloved pets safe and sound. 

As pet owners, it is our job to keep them healthy and in good condition. Although they require low maintenance, they still have basic needs. There is no need for something fancy and overly expensive to keep them happy and healthy, check out this link We need to give them something they can benefit from even if it’s as simple as cat treats. CBD has a wide range of products for cats that you can choose from and it gives tons of benefits.

What Is CBD? 

This compound is one of the hundreds of named cannabinoids found in a cannabis Sativa plant. It is originally extracted from hemp since it is richer in CBD or Cannabidiol. Hemp is one of the safest species of cannabis and is quite known for its cannabidiol content. What is the big deal with this compound anyway? Many users have fallen in love with how it works and the number of benefits you can get from it. 

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive which means it is safe to use. Unlike one of its many cousins, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinols. This one, on the other hand, is a psychoactive compound that causes a high when the amount is past 0.3%. Some users or pet owners do not feel very safe with THC hanging around. That is the reason why CBD is often extracted from hemp because of its low THC content. 

How Does CBD Help Our Little Felines?

Like I have mentioned before, the compound has many benefits, and our cats can also experience it. You might be wondering how and let me tell you why. Just like with us, humans, they have an Endocannabinoid System or ECS. It is composed of receptors that can be found throughout the central nervous system and other systems as well. These receptors can interact with cannabidiol and even THC. 

Since it works that way, it is capable of relieving anxiety, aggression, pain, and many more. You will be able to fix your cat’s problem and give it some ease. According to Holistapet, you can choose from many varieties of cannabidiol products that just might help your pet. CBD oil, cat treats, capsules, tinctures, are some of the products you can choose from. To learn the benefits of cannabidiol, just keep on reading. 

The Health Benefits

Pain Relief 

A study shows that these little felines are also capable of experiencing arthritis just like dogs. Not to mention that they might also get joint pain at a certain age. Since their age is unavoidable and they might experience pain occasionally, it is better to be prepared. It also hurts us, pet owners, when we see them suffering from pain and the best way, we can help is to have a remedy ready for them to use. 

Relieves Anxiety

Just like with us, humans, cats can also experience anxiety. Many reasons can cause this, the important thing is to know what to do. Anxiety has certain levels, that’s why we need to keep it in check (read more). Without proper medication, it may lead to unwanted health issues, and we do not want that for our beloved feline. The good thing is CBD products can also help with that!

Reduces Stress

Yes, cats might also get stressed about a few things in their lives. However, it should not get out of hand for it may lead to various health conditions. Many reasons can also cause this, one of which is the change in environment. It might also be because of a lack of interaction or attention from its owner. On the bright side, you can easily give your cat some relief by giving it CBD oil or treats.