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How To Make Your Own CBD Dog Treats

CBD can be very good for a variety of dog health conditions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog will be thrilled about taking their CBD. By making your dog’s daily supplement into a delicious treat, you can make this daily ritual a lot more pleasant for both you and your pet. Here are some tips on how to make your own CBD dog treats.

Picking Ingredients for CBD Dog Treats

Choose Quality CBD Oil

CBD has a range of benefits for dogs, including improving pain, arthritis, joint function, anxiety and much more. However, in order to see the benefits of this treatment, you need to choose very high-quality oil.

Look for oil that has been tested by a third party for safety and effectiveness. Also, choose organic CBD oil since hemp plants tend to draw heavy metals and pesticides out of the soil.

Pick Single Ingredients

When you are making a quality treat for your dog, you want to know exactly what goes into it. This is especially important if you are treating conditions associated with allergies, but it is relevant regardless of what you are treating.

If you know exactly which ingredients have gone into your dog treats, you’ll be able to alter the ingredients going forward until you find a formula that your dog tolerates very well. A great choice is freeze-dried chicken breast from InnoVet Food. This free range chicken breast is free of hormones or pesticides and contains only one ingredient: chicken breast.

Choose What Your Dog Loves

Does your dog go crazy over peanut butter? Do they do the happy dance when they see you pull out the freeze-dried chicken or liver? CBD can have a strong flavor for some dogs, so it’s a very good idea to choose ingredients that will do a great job of covering that flavor so that your dog will enjoy eating the treats and won’t be bothered by the taste of the CBD.

Choose Foods That are Healthy for Your Dog

Before using any ingredient in your CBD dog treats, do your research to determine which foods may not be healthy or may cause gastric upset for your dog. Common foods that people enjoy like avocado, grapes, and broccoli can all have negative or even extremely dangerous consequences for your dog.

On the other hand, other common people foods like carrots, apples, fish, and chicken are all very beneficial for your dog’s health and are great ingredients to include in a treat.

Make Treats Healthy

Just because you want to make treats that your dog will love doesn’t mean that they have to be very sweet or fattening. You may be surprised by what healthy ingredients you can pack into your dog’s CBD treats to make a multifunctional supplemental treat.

Consider other supplements that will be helpful for your dog like glucosamine or chondroitin for the joints. Choose healthy vegetables like carrots and fruits like apples that provide valuable vitamins such as C and A.

Tips for Preparing CBD Treats

Avoid Heat

Many recipes may call for cooking dog treats, but heating the CBD oil can have negative consequences for its effectiveness, so it’s best that all ingredients are cooked or freeze-dried before use. By choosing a mixture with the right consistency, you can make the treats hold together without cooking them.

Avoid Crumbling

You want to make treats that your dog will consume entirely so that none of the valuable CBD or other beneficial ingredients are lost to crumbling. It is better that treats have a slightly liquid consistency that dogs will be able to lick off of a plate or bowl than that they are crumbly.

Enable Precise Dosing

You want to be sure that your dog gets exactly as much CBD as will be beneficial for their health and not a drop more or less. It may be a good idea to mix up the treats’ other ingredients before adding the CBD and any other precise supplements to the mix so that you’ll be sure each treat has exactly the right amount of CBD and other supplements. After all, it won’t matter if one or another treat has a bit more chicken or carrot, but it will matter if it has more or less CBD.

Enjoy Quality, Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Making your own CBD dog treats at home comes with some significant advantages. You’ll know exactly what goes into the treats and you can tailor the recipe to appeal to your dog’s particular dietary needs and tastes.

You can also add any other supplements that your dog may need. Furthermore, this may be a less expensive way to provide your dogs treats. Follow these guidelines by carefully choosing and preparing your ingredients, and you’ll likely find that your dog adores their daily CBD supplementation.