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Can i substitute frozen okra for fresh?

I’m new to Indian cooking, so I’m hoping someone can answer my question. Fresh okra in my area is relatively expensive and hard to find (at least where I’ve looked). Is it possible to substitute frozen okra for fresh in recipes? I’m hoping to do this without sacrificing too much flavor or texture — am I asking for too much?

I’d really appreciate any tips to make frozen okra work. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Can i substitute frozen okra for fresh?

  1. Frozen okra tends to already be a bit soft and less fibrous when dethawed, but the flavor is mostly the same; so, if the okra isn’t stewed for a long period of time you might add it slightly later in the cooking process. When frozen after cutting into pieces, it’s uber gooey when you defrost it. I use frozen okra in place of regular okra quite often in a variety of cuisines.

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