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Golgappa / paani puri addiction

My cousin and I were always discouraged from eating anything prepared outside the house (she’s Delhi born, I’m a part-timer from Canada). After work, we could never help it and would stop for plate after plate, no matter how sketchy it seemed. Somehow the risk made it taste better. Can anyone else relate?

7 thoughts on “Golgappa / paani puri addiction

  1. I absolutely love pani puri. With all my heart, tongue, and stomach.

    I’ve had an upset stomach multiple times as a kid whenever I ate in a sketchy place, but I guess I’m immune to almost every disease now.

    Haven’t fallen sick in the past 5 years despite eating at almost every stall/cart/shop I see. My mom still nags me about it though.

    What type of pani puri do you prefer? Chana or aloo?

  2. Whenever I visit India. My friends and I tend to buy it from the street vendors and only tell them to stop making puris once we’re full/satisfied. It’s usually not very expensive so we end up eating 100s between a group.

    You can ask them to make it spicy/sweet/sour with no extra cost and it adds a whole lot of flavour to an already tasty snack.

  3. Heh, I can. There are so many addictive street foods across India, and pani poori is among my favorites.

    But it’s not very safe eating it at a street stall. It’s served at room temperature and who knows how long it’s been sitting at room temperature on their carts.

    I would find a decent restaurant or make it at home. No point tempting fate.

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