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What do you make when you’re sick?

Rasam is my go to. What do you guys make?

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  1. Mild spicy upma, curd rice mixed with milk, tumeric+black pepper+jeera+Curry leaves+milk (mom calls it turmeric milk) or mild spicy rasam.

  2. what do you make when you’re sick from eating too much curry? i like to eat the cockroaches crawling around my smelly crowded apartment that fits 35 of my family members from india. mmm yummy!

    when i am too sick to eat stinky curry, i make adjustments to my shower so curry comes out instead of water. that way, even though i am too constipated to eat some shit that looks like donkey diarrhea, i can at the very least, smell worse than a landfill and pass my favorite scent to every non-indian person i encounter throughout the day working at IT job/7-11.

  3. It depends on who’s doing the cooking. If it’s me, I’m not going to make anything elaborate while sick. Kheer or phirni, probably. Maybe lassi or some other yogurt smoothie. Add some fruits if I feel up for it.

    But if someone else is doing the cooking, my favorite while-sick diet is [yakhni](, which is the Indian version of bone broth or stock. Since yakhni is generally meant as a base for something else, it’s not well-flavored. This can be easily corrected by adding some flavorings and turning it into [a soup](

    Basically, you start with meaty bones and cook them long enough for all the goodies to dissolve into the liquid. You can toss in veggies snd whole spices while cooking, and filter them out when done like a clear consomme.

    It’s very tasty, nutrient rich, easily digestible. And it doesn’t upset the tummy and it has lots of fluids, which sick people need.

    You can make chicken yakhni with as little as an hour of cooking time, but the best and tastiest yakhni is made from beef or lamb or mutton long bones with plenty of marrow. It does take a few hours like any stock, but you can speed things up in a pressure cooker.

    Not something to attempt yourself when you’re sick, but if you have a sympathetic mom or spouse around, by all means put them to work.

    1. **Yahni**

      Yahni, (Turkish), yahniya (Bulgarian: яхния), or yakhni (Urdu: یخنی‎, Persian: یخنی ‎‎) is a class of foods found in many countries from the Balkans to South Asia.

      In Pakistan, yakhni is simply stock or broth. It is often the base for many foods including pilaf (pulao) and other chorbas or soups.

      In Arab, Greek (γιαχνί), Israeli, and Turkish cuisines, it is a stew of meat, fish, or vegetables in a browned-onion base with tomatoes and olive oil.


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  4. if you get cold then you make special tea to drink ,so you can get well soon.3 cup water add 1 stick of cinnamon,small piece of fresh ginger ,2 small green cardamom,any green tea 1tsp,cook for 5 minutes.drink 1cup of this tea add some honey and lemon juice fresh.

    make chicken soup or vegetable soup.
    carrot 1 onion,some ginger and garlic 3cloves,4 black pepper whole,
    2 stick of celery,boil 30 minutes.then strain the soup.if yo like to add cooked chicken pieces.

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