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3 Surprising Dishes You Never Thought You Can Cook Sous-Vide

In 2017, as much as 77 percent of Americans are still unfamiliar with the sous vide cooking method according to a recent survey. This is in spite of the constant mentions of this low-temperature cooking method in pop culture. In fact, it was even featured in TV shows like Adventure Time and The Simpsons. It was also discussed in various publications like Under Pressure and Modernist Cuisines. But those who already have an idea about this cooking technique still have the wrong idea about it. Some believe that it will only work for cooking protein. In reality, you can use this method to prepare different kinds of ingredients. Here are several dishes you can cook using the sous vide method. 

Vide Your Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

Using sous-vide as a cooking method may test your patience because of the waiting time before you can enjoy your food. Thanks to the latest sous-vide machines in the market, you no longer have to wait the entire day to eat your meal. If you are already starving but want to practice your sous vide skills, you can create creamy mashed potatoes in just 45 minutes. All you need is your trusted sous vide machine, a durable food container, a vacuum sealer and bags, temperature-controlled water bath, as well as your favorite ingredients for your mashed potatoes. It may not be your usual way of preparing the dish, but the smooth results will be all worth it. 

Make Fresh Yogurt At Home

This is one of the most versatile food items that you could always have at home. It can be combined with berries and granola for a healthy breakfast. You can also mix this with mango puree and serve as a refreshing lassi drink during a warm, sunny day. It may also be used to add flavor to lamb or chicken dishes. But instead of buying prepared yogurt in the market, you can use the sous vide technique to make your own at home. 

Create Your Favorite Oil Flavors

You may sometimes encounter recipes that call for flavored oils. But it may not be practical to buy a bottle of special oils that you will only use for cooking several times. To save up on your grocery budget, you can always cook a flavored oil using sous vide at home instead. It may take at least three hours of your time, but cooking your personalized flavored oil will be more rewarding since you can keep it for months. 

Using the sous vide cooking method may seem strange for most cooks who are used to the typical cooking techniques. But with a few research and several trial and error experiments, anyone can easily get the hang out of this method. Once you learned how to cook sous vide, you will enjoy using this to cook healthy and delectable meals all the time.