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Why Spanish Food is So Popular in Melbourne

When you visit Melbourne in Australia, you will be surprised that there are many Spanish restaurants. You do not even have to be there physically since the web has all the information you need. You can check out some of the best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne. The list is longer than you can imagine. One of the major questions that people ask is why Spanish food is so popular.

Before checking out these reasons, it is worth knowing a little history about Spanish food in Australia.

How Spanish Food Came to Australia

Spanish cuisine contains huge a variety of foods. Almost all of the dishes are spicy and they love it hot. The food is greatly influenced by the local cultures, which means that the food varies between regions. The north, south, and east have slightly different ways of preparing some of their meals. However, the food is relatively similar.

As the Spanish migrated to other parts of the world, they carried their cuisine influence to these regions. They needed to eat their home food, which helped to facilitate this. We all know the case of Mexico and several other Latin America countries that were colonized by Spain.

In the case of Australia, Spanish food started penetrating the country as immigrants from both Spain and Latin America started to settle here. This is one of the main reasons why Spanish food is so popular in Australia. Let us look at the most common reasons why in detail.

Australia Appreciates Diversity

There is a way you can tell that Australia appreciates diversity. She accommodates immigrants from different parts of the world by giving them job permits and business opportunities. Many people from Spain and Latin American countries have come here to look for jobs, and they have not been disappointed. The country also has close ties with these countries and business between them thrives. As a result, many Spanish restaurants and food outlets have come up to satisfy this market.

More Spanish People Have Moved to Melbourne

It is a no-brainer that Spanish people have penetrated all parts of the world. Melbourne is one of the cities in Australia with affordable housing and the standard cost of living is low. Thus, you will find that reputable restaurants like Vamos have started operations here to satisfy the demand for Spanish food. Government records show that people from Spain prefer an affordable lifestyle, and that is why Melbourne has more restaurants than other cities in Australia. Notably, the city also has a significant number of people from Latin American countries, which increases the demand for Spanish food.

It is a Cosmopolitan City

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city that hosts people from various parts of the world. Businesspeople, workers, tourists, and students from Spain and Latin American countries prefer Melbourne to other cities in the country. According to a survey, Spanish food has become a favorite choice even for the local people in Melbourne and other immigrants from different parts of the world. Thus, the demand for more restaurants has increased. It is not a surprise that some of the Spanish restaurants in the city are not owned by people from Spain but by local investors who have realized the opportunity.

Availability of Ingredients

Melbourne is strategically placed in Australia and ingredients are easily available. Whether you are looking for seafood, fresh vegetables, or dry foodstuffs to run your Spanish restaurant, getting them is very easy. Most Spanish restaurants in the city have confirmed that getting their ingredients in Melbourne is easier than in many other cities in Australia. There are markets everywhere and plenty of suppliers. If you want to import spices from Spain and Latin American countries for authentic delicacies, this process is very straightforward as well. Thus, running a restaurant business in this city is effortless.

Ease of Getting Business Permits

Australia has a straightforward process of getting business permits and other documents for work. It does not matter whether you are a local or foreign investor. In fact, Australia has signed numerous agreements with various counties to make foreign investment an easy process. That is how investors from Spain and Latin American counties have penetrated this market with ease. Even today, there are many investors from Spain who are interested in starting high-end restaurants because the demand for Spanish food is still very high.

Availability of Workforce

Melbourne has many benefits for entrepreneurs. Both local and foreign labor forces are easily available. If you remember well, we said that most people prefer living in Melbourne because the cost of living is low. This has increased the availability of labor for businesspeople. As an investor in a Spanish restaurant, you will easily find skilled chefs and service personnel who are crucial to making your business a success. Since investors have realized this benefit, Melbourne has become a favorite city for starting a Spanish restaurants and many others.

Healthy Competition

Melbourne is large enough to accommodate many more Spanish restaurants. But there is a very interesting thing about the ones that are already available, and that is they create healthy competition. Each is strategically positioned so that it will enjoy clients from that region. Usually, these restaurants are on busy streets or shopping malls, business hubs, or tourist attraction centers. It is rare to find complaints between the competitors because they practice healthy competition. In fact, reports show that they exchange notes through various methods to find out how each one of them is fairing. They also want to know the new trends back home so that they can apply them here as well.


Melbourne is a home for many Spanish restaurants that have been successful so far. It’s no wonder that investors are interested and in the process of opening new Spanish restaurants.

It is a no-brainer that food from Spain is delicious. They also have a huge variety and everyone in Australia loves their spicy food. Surprisingly, locals play a significant role in promoting these restaurants. Between them and the immigrants from Spain and Latin American countries, the demand for these foods has increased.