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5 Natural Ways to Keep The Hair Moisturized

Whether it’s the heat outside or the dryness of the colder months, the irritation felt because of lifeless hair, is imaginable. It is something faced by most women and is a common complaint. There may be several reasons why your hair is drying out. You will be flooded with numerous suggestions, but here are 5 of the best tips to include in your hair care regimen to keep the hair naturally moisturized always.  You can also find a great list of hair guides here.

Deep condition the hair with a water-based moisturizer

Our hair needs moisture to avoid getting dry and stiff. Oils help to seal in moisture, but the actual source of moisture for the hair is water. Hair conditioners and moisturizers should be water-based to lock in the natural moisture in the hair every time you shampoo. If your hair lacks softness, it is time to shift from an oil-based moisturizer to a water-based one to hydrate the hair strands. Whenever you shampoo your hair, remember to deep condition too. It helps to rehydrate the hair, and avoid the frizz and stiffness.  

Use good moisturizing oil. 

Using good moisturizing oil and massaging your scalp and strands with it is necessary to get naturally moisturized hair. You must seal in the moisture in the hair using natural oils like almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. Use aveda discount code Australia for the best range of natural hair oils online. Start including them in your weekly hair care routine and feel the difference in a few weeks.  

Change your hair products.

The hair products that you use can be the culprit behind your dry and lifeless hair. Even best-claimed products can be extremely harmful at times. Avoid shampoos with high amounts of SLS and paraben in them. They can help you style your hair temporarily, but they have adverse effects in the long run. Find out the list of chemicals that are harmful to the hair and check whether your shampoos, conditioners, serums, and styling gels have them. If yes, then you must reject them immediately and shift to natural ingredient based products soon. You can find the best natural hair products using the Australian natural care discount code

Also, avoid blow-drying your hair too often on high heat. It makes the hair very dry throughout the winter months. Say no to hair irons, curlers, straighteners, crimpers, and all such hair styling materials as they use heat and chemicals, which can cause severe dryness. You can use them only at huge intervals. 

Use DIY hair masks at home.

One of the best hacks to try at home to naturally moisturize the hair is to go for any of the DIY hair masks. You can easily make them at home using the right proportion of ingredients and benefit from the conditioning effects they have on your hair. For instance, a hair mask made of honey, olive oil, and avocado, or a mask made out of coconut oil and honey can work wonders for your hair.  

Stop experimenting with your hair.

It may sound backdated, but at times you need to give your hair a break. If nothing else is working and your hair still feels dry and harsh, it is time to stop experimenting. Say no to straightening, curling, dyeing, and all other styling products that you use. The heat and chemicals leave the hair badly damaged. Avoid all the high protein treatments that may be making the hair stiff. Use herbal products only for a few months and deep condition the hair every week. Also, it is essential to tie up the hair at night and when you are outdoors. It looks fashionable to let the hair fly in the wind during a bike ride or near a beach, but it can leave the hair vulnerable to damage. No matter what the advertisements tell you, always use a scarf, a hat, a clip, or a bandana to keep the hair in place, and avoid exposing it to harsh weather. 

Follow these 5 tips in your daily life to find your hair revitalized.