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10 Interesting Myths about Black Coffee Fans

In the modern era, people are used to all those irresistible “blows and whistles’’, especially when it comes to maximizing yet sweet coffee-drinking experience.

They almost can’t imagine a cup of Joe without added flavor – whether it’s cream, topping, or some yummy spice.

Not to mention, those who like to drink their coffee black – without any additional flavor are often considered antique or outdated. 

Well, things aren’t always black and white, and there are a bunch of stereotypes about black coffee fans – some are funny, and some are totally wrong.

Therefore, let’s head on a myth-busting adventure and shed some light on the black coffee myths.

The most Interesting Myths about Black Coffee – Top 10 List

  • The only purpose of black coffee is to stay awake

Many people think that black coffee drinkers drink it this way only to keep themselves awake. However, this is untrue, because black coffee fans, simply put, drink their black coffee at any time of the day. 

They like its bitter taste and strong aroma and it doesn’t have anything to do with staying awake. Nonetheless, since light coffee beans are denser than the black coffee ones – light coffee beans have more caffeine – if it’s measured by scoops.

  • Black coffee is for left-brainers

There is this opinion that only simple and practical people who believe strictly in logic, drink black coffee. 

The myth continues by saying they are not fit for this complicated, modern world and, thus, cannot deal with the challenges it brings. 

Well, myth busted – many celebs, managers, and extroverts enjoy in black coffee exclusively. They especially enjoy in good beans for black coffee since that’s one of the best ways to enjoy black coffee.

  • Black coffee is reserved for minimalists

This myth often links black coffee drinkers to like minimalist trends whether it’s clothing, interior design, or a lifestyle. Guess again, it is not true. To be fond of black coffee and its bitterish-sweet aroma doesn’t mean that everything in your life is black or white or that you have a simple, plain taste. 

Nonetheless, black coffee fans like to have a variety of colors and nuances in whatever they do.

  • Black coffee drinkers are more likely to be psychopaths

There is a study in the Appetite journal that surveyed 953 people from Amazon’s platform questioning how much they enjoy in specific foods, coffee included. Furthermore, the study was focused on how much they like sweet, sour, salty, and bitter foods, presented in the form of 52 statements from various personality tests.

Additionally, the study showed that people who said they liked bitter foods very slightly more associated to have traits linked with psychopathy, sadism, and narcissism. 

However, there cannot be an objective opinion about what constitutes bitter food and what researches considered to be bitter, the participants didn’t.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this fact– The researchers found that liking bitter foods is predictive of.. 19 percent of someone’s sadism, at best.

Oh, and yes – Are you 100% sure you are not some weirdo or psycho? – If yes, then I encourage you to try that plain black Joe from some good beans for black coffee and see how you feel after. I bet you won’t become one.

  • Black coffee is for those who want to lose weight

There is a myth saying that people who drink black Joe drink it that way so they can lose weight. Well, I need to disappoint you, because 35% of all the coffee drinkers in the USA are black coffee drinkers. Therefore, you cannot say that 35% of Americans only do it to lose weight. 

However, the black coffee has some metabolic and caloric perks and it can aid in reducing weight. Suffice to say, people just enjoy the coffee most that way, and plain black coffee is a great option for those people who are lactose intolerant.

  • They don’t understand the coffee culture and don’t understand other coffees

Firstly, the black coffee drinkers were here a long time after the rise of espresso, latte, and similar yummy coffees. Secondly, don’t you think they wouldn’t try something different and new from what they were used to drink for a long time?

Logically, they would, and they did, and that is why this myth is incorrect. Even more, black coffee drinkers also casually drink other types of coffee, but they mostly prefer their cup of Joe to be strong and simple.

  • Those black coffee drinkers only drink it when they have to

So many people think that black coffee is reserved for when you need to give yourself a shake and instant, bitter boom of energy. 

In that light, the myth states that many employees drink it while working on an important project. Also, it is supposedly intended for students who are drinking it purposely, without actually enjoying it, as a means for a focus and energy while studying.

On the contrary, many people enjoy the bitterness and sternness that black coffee brings. 

It is the aroma and fulfillment of taste buds – not the necessity or a means to an end.

  • Black coffee is only good to drink in the morning

…” and it is some old-school, mumbo jumbo way to wake up and get sharp”. – Not true. Moreover, there is an associated picture of a weary, sleepless person who just got up from bed, holding that hot, black coffee and sipping it slowly.

On the other side, black coffee is that tasty-mood-fix for its drinkers on any occasion as much as the pumpkin-spice latte is for its fans.

Black coffee fans simply enjoy their coffee, anytime and anywhere.

  • Black coffee is boring coffee

This misconception states that there is no any delicious flavoring in black coffee. Guess again – not true. Furthermore, black coffee can have ranges of taste and flavors. For example, take the Starbucks flavored black coffee – it is essentially black, but it can be delicious as the other yummy and creamy drinks you enjoy.

Moreover, go to your local roaster and ask them to recommend black coffee and tell you all about the different flavors it has. You will be shocked when you hear about all those different varieties of black coffee – which depend on the region and the way it was produced.

  •  It’s just a phase for black coffee drinkers

Lastly, many people consider that drinking black coffee is just temporary or out of necessity – like when you ran out of Nespresso capsules or creamer. 

Think again, myth busted. Many, many black coffee fans drink it only because they enjoy it with all their being.