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5 Tips on Creating a Perfect Wedding Dessert Table

For some people, a wedding cake is the wedding gown of the menu: the must-have and the only possible option to choose for this outstanding event. Yet, in recent years, more forward-thinking and daring foodies getting hitched have chosen to get a little bolder with their dessert ideas. To be more precise, they’ve started introducing dessert tables to their wedding menu in addition to their standard wedding cake. 

Knowing that selecting the right venue, finding a reliable hairstylist, and booking your catering company can all be very stressful, albeit very exciting, you can have some fun with the final, most delicious part of the event. So, let’s break it down into a few key steps you should consider, and you’ll soon have your very own spotless dessert table, ready to impress your guests and your photographer, too!

Consider a theme

Many modern weddings have a specific theme in mind. Be it the French Riviera, the Italian countryside, or that vintage ‘20s vibe, you can extend your theme to your menu, including your desserts. In case you’re inspired by Asian customs and design elements, you can add mochi to your dessert list as a taste of Japan for your guests.

Of course, you can always go beyond traditional regional recipes and infuse them with your own flavors and ideas, for the sake of versatility and visual effect.

Remember your guests’ needs

Unless you have a very small, exclusive wedding only with your family and a few closest friends, you’re probably looking at a lengthy guest list, followed by an even longer list of dietary restrictions, allergies, and other requirements that limit your options. 

So, to make sure your dessert table, as colorful and majestic as it may be, doesn’t cause trouble to some of your guests and their digestion, you should make sure to include vegan, gluten-free and zero or low sugar candy options. This will make your dessert table not only beautiful and delicious, but also inclusive and healthy.

Focus on diversifying your selection

By far the simplest way to ensure that your wedding menu is spot-on is to find a caterer that will fulfill all of your wishes. However, an increasing number of couples today are taking more control over their menu by ordering desserts online for their wedding, and then choosing a selection of accompanying bite-sized desserts to serve their guests – it’s a great way to keep things versatile and fun.

That’s a great option if you want to have full control over your wedding dessert catering and you know precisely what ingredients are included in which cake and which dessert item. It also allows you to refine your selection based on a variety of preferences and make your wedding even more memorable.

The presentation matters, too

Just like you spend time to design a beautiful centerpiece for your tables, and choose the perfect linen and the entire layout for your wedding venue, you should take your time when designing the look of your dessert table. For example, if you’re serving delicious cupcakes in a variety of flavors and hues, you have the chance to add subtle florals all over your dessert table to give it an even more festive, nature-loving vibe. 

Add a touch of yourself into the mix

This wedding is your story to tell. It’s a memory in the making, one of you and your spouse starting a brand-new journey into your new life together, so it has all the markings of a love story that just needs something sweet to tie it all together. Why not use your own family recipe in serving your guests for dessert? Personalization is far from limited to marketing or tailor-made suits and gowns, so you can surely share your favorite cookie recipe with your baker and have a batch made for your wedding.

This will imbue your event with an authentic approach your guests will love, and you’ll certainly have a perfect conversation-starter served right there on your dessert table, just waiting to tell another part of your story to your guests. 

It’s easy to find a few local cupcake stores serving spongy, chewy goodies delightful for a birthday, but it takes a little bit more inspiration for a wedding-worthy dessert ensemble. Use these suggestions to guide you and to come up with a sweet menu that will truly dazzle your guests and complete your wedding celebration with all the right, irresistible treats!