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5 Ways to Serve Spicy Food at a Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to enjoy some much-needed time with friends and family. If you’re the host, you have a lot of tasks on your plate. One of these is picking desirable dishes to serve at your party. However, picking one theme or type of food to go with will make your job much easier. If your group is a fan of spicy food, here are five ways that you can serve up some spice that they’ll be sure to love.

Start With the Appetizers

You should start off your dinner party with some spicy appetizers to warm up the mouths of your guests. While your main meal will determine what type of appetizers you choose, know that there are a lot of different ones out there. Some great examples include spicy cheese balls, fiery crab cakes, flaming jalapeno poppers, and raging boneless chicken wings. It may be a good idea to avoid doing anything too spicy with your appetizers to give your guests some time to adjust to the heat. Start out with a mild heat, or even just a kick of spice, to get things going for the evening.

Introduce the Blazing Salad

If you plan on having a lengthy meal, you may want to consider a salad dish for everyone to enjoy. There are many different ways that you can spice up a salad. You can add some spicy ingredients like jalapenos and other peppers. You can offer a plethora of various spicy salad dressings. You can even soak some vegetables in a spicy marinate before using them to top off your salad. Like the appetizers, the salad doesn’t need to be the main spice of the meal, but can get the guests ready for the spiciest main course.

Spice Up Your Dessert

There are really endless streams of desserts that you can offer that have a spicy kick to them. In most cases, you can take your regular dessert dishes and just add some spicy herbs to the mix. Sriracha, cayenne, and jalapenos are all great choices to fire up any dessert dish. Some of the most popular options are chili chocolates, or even chili pepper cookies. Make sure that you have some Italian sweet wines to help off-set the spiciness of the dessert with some sweetness.

Create Flair With Your Side Dishes

No dinner party is complete without a few different side dishes. There are tons out there to choose from. If you’re going for a spicy Mexican dinner, consider side dishes like corn salad, bean salad, and spicy fried rice. If you’re sticking to more American dishes, consider spicy choices of Cajon green beans, chile potatoes, and blazing mac and cheese. There are also different spicy elements to pull from Asian or African cuisines. All of this will simply depend on what you choose to make for your fiery hot main dish.

Fiery Main Dishes

The last component of your spicy dinner party should include a fiery main dish. The possibilities here are really endless. Some popular choices include firecracker chicken, flaming shrimp, spicy Thai noodles, and stuffed peppers. Your heat level will depend on what your guests can tolerate, spice availability in your area, and your own personal preference. For your guests’ sake, it is a good idea to offer varying spice levels so that there is something for everyone to eat.

Serving up a spicy dinner party can be a great way to connect with your friends and fan your own flame. As you’ve discovered, there are many ways that you can spice up the various dishes at your dinner party. From flaming desserts to fiery side dishes, your guests will be sure to love the flair of flavor.