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6 reasons why drinks made of milk tea powder have increased profits in your café 

It’s not long until Songkran, and you are looking forward to the holiday period like never before. You have always been happy with your own little restaurant and bar, but meeting a wonderful partner has allowed you to revolutionize your own little business and start to make a modest profit and have fun while doing so.

Being given a little financial help was just the catalyst that you required. That and visiting some places that you had no interest in previously opened your mind. Having someone who cared next to you got you both out and about. The visit to the café that sold drinks made with milk tea powder was your game changer through 6 reasons.

  1. Bubble and milk tea had really taken off, while you hadn’t bothered exploring its possibilities. You have continued to sell beers and spirits, but this additional line has opened new avenues and attracted a new, younger, and vibrant clientele, ideal in an area where many don’t consume alcohol.
  2. It’s one thing to sell a trendy product, but another to make your establishment one that attracts customers. You got some marketing advice and have made your café attractive to all and spent wisely on Wi-Fi which is free for customers, and a general cleaning up and redecoration of the place, to attract a crowd who enjoy using the free service to upload photos of them enjoying your drinks on social media, which leads to further trade.
  3. Your menu also got a makeover, as you added recipes from farther afield, including an introduction to the delicious cuisine of Greece. You have a little more time on your hands because your new drink is so easy to make, coming in powder form, and is convenient for storage. 
  4. Buying a quality product has been a major boost, having discovered an excellent supplier online. They also provide a wide range of other powdered drinks, allowing you to buy in bulk and get a good deal. With packages coming in different sizes, you know that you can order accordingly.
  5. The milk tea is flying off your shelf, helped by it being made of the very best black tea powder that Taiwan can offer. Its mellow fragrant taste carries just the right blend and intensity to offer the same impact as freshly brewed tea when hot water is added. All of it has put you in the perfect frame of mind to close for a short break and enjoy Songkran somewhere exciting.
  6. A clever piece of advertising advised by your marketing friend was to publicise the health benefits associated with milk tea as it contains calcium while the drink is an excellent form of anti-depressant, which will help customers’ bones and minds. Quality of skin is also known to improve through choosing the drink.

Adding milk tea and using your money wisely has seen your business start to make money and attract customers who love the quality of your drink and its health benefits while relaxing in nice surroundings.