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7 Crucial Home Workouts To Lose Weight With Minimal Effort


You may have gained weight, particularly when everyone was home due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The workout schedule was affected since many people couldn’t go to the gym for fear of infection. Also, movements were banned, and gyms were closed.

So, if you have gained weight and want to lose weight, work out to achieve it. Fortunately, workouts like running, jumping, walking, burpees, planking, and dancing will suffice. Plus, a few strength training and high-intensity workouts. 

Moreover, you can ask your doctor to recommend the best weight loss supplements for you.

Here are 7 workouts that may help you lose weight.

  1. Running – 

Running helps you lose weight, improves your endurance, and helps your heart. Running is efficient because there is no need for any equipment, and you can run anywhere, anytime. Essentially, you use large muscle groups like your legs, glutes, and shoulders when you run. So, you burn more calories which helps you lose weight. 

You can make running more effective in burning more calories and losing weight by running uphill or simply sprinting in inclined places. This helps increase your work rate.

  1. Try mountain climbers – 

Mountain climbers may not seem like a great exercise in weight loss, but their efficiency might surprise you. Mountain climbers work your whole body, from your heart, joints, and many muscles at once. 

Mountain climbers work the core muscles, helping you lose stubborn abdominal fat. Burning belly fat results in weight loss

You only need to get into a push-up position, raise your trunk a bit, brace your core, and bring each leg forward to your chest alternately like you are climbing a mountain. Do it for a few minutes or about 30 climbers daily, and you will slowly lose weight.

  1. Dancing workouts – 

Are you surprised? Dancing is not only entertaining, but it’s a way to lose weight. Studies show moderate to vigorous dance movements work the whole body and lead to weight loss. 

Dancing workouts make you more flexible and fit, such that you can perform your daily activities with ease. It gets your heart pumping and burns many calories in the process.

Dancing makes you forget your worries, as it reduces stress and makes your workout more effective. So, include it in your weight loss journey to help you lose weight faster in a more enjoyable way.

  1. The burpees – 

To work your whole body while building strength and endurance, try burpees. Burpees involve several movements which tone both upper and lower body muscles. These exercises involve your shoulders, chest, lats, and quads. This helps you burn many calories and make you lose weight. Burpees also help work the heart and joints. 

To perform burpees, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, push your hips back and get into a squat. Then, move your feet back as your chest touches the floor with your arms spread out in a plank pose. Finally, you can jump as you move your feet forward as you return to the squat position.

  1. Brisk walking – 

Some people despise walking as a workout that may lead to weight loss. But research shows that brisk walking for about 30 to 60 minutes daily is quite efficient in burning excess fat and calories. 

You only need to make it a bit fast and be focused on it as a weight loss exercise. To make it more effective, you can wall uphill or downhill. Consequently, you will burn more calories and fat.

If you do them regularly with a proper diet, fast walks are great for weight loss. Depending on where you take your walks, you may carry some weights with you.

  1. Weight loss supplements – 

Sometimes, diet and regular workouts alone may not get you to your desired weight as fast as you want. So, your fitness expert may help you look for natural supplements to combine with exercise. 

Many natural weight loss supplements claim to help you lose weight with few or no side effects. An article on the Health Web Magazine webiste says that K3 Spark Mineral is a ketone-based supplement that may support losing weight. 

According to  K3 Spark Mineral reviews, this product causes no side effects. Anyone who wishes to reduce their cravings to lose weight may use it.

  1. High intensity and strength workouts – 

When you get used to regular workouts for weight loss, you realize that moderate exercise may not yield fast results. Maybe it’s time for high-intensity and strength training workouts to speed up your weight loss endeavors. 

Such workouts increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Furthermore, high intensity and strength workouts make you gain more muscle tissue. In turn, they boost metabolism. As such, experts recommend you add some strength workouts to your workout routine.

Health Web Magazine says you can do them in intervals, rest, then go to the next one to avoid burnout. Examples include sit-ups, fast jumps, planks, push-ups, sprints, lunges, and deadlifts, plus dumbbell and barbell rows. 

But if you lack time, you can do them as circuit training for about 30 minutes daily as a compound body workout for weight loss.


It’s tough to lose weight. It requires patience and endurance – no single exercise or diet will make you lose weight miraculously or overnight. Contrary to claims from the manufacturers of the best weight loss supplements, no pill or supplement will give you instant weight loss alone without diet and workouts. So, it’s prudent to combine proper diet, dietary supplements, and regular exercises to lose weight. 

It’s wise to go for natural supplements with no side effects. For instance, many K3 Spark Mineral reviews say that the dietary supplement works if you combine it with diet and exercise.

If you have little time for regular workouts, you may try high-intensity and strength training to lose weight through limited exercise time. In addition, a 30-minute circuit training with moderate to high-intensity strength workouts will do the trick. Go for it.