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8 Great Ways to Jazz Up Your Plating Presentations

Remember the way you were dazzled the last time you ordered dessert out at a restaurant? Chefs take pride in their presentation because we all eat with our eyes before our lips even get a forkful of food. While some spend years learning how to craft edible art and décor, typically for desserts, other chefs and home cooks alike have a secret to their success.

Barbara Décor fuses quality décor with technology and design to create innovative edible items to add to your plates. Here are 8 great ways you can use Barbara Décor to jazz up your plating presentations in your own café or at home for someone special. 

1. Make cheesecake more magnificent with marble

Marbled sheets of chocolate in white and dark chocolate flavors can add an extra bit of texture and sweetness to your sweet creations. Cut in triangles, you can arrange them jutting out of the top of each slice for a bakery-perfect appearance.

2. Top it with colorful fruit

While fruit does make for a nutritious element on desserts, sometimes it can be messy. Instead of having raspberry sauce drown your cake out, consider adding a raspberry or strawberry-shaped chocolate or two on top. The bright colors make any light or dark background pop plus they lend a hint of the fruitiness from the fruits that inspired their creation.

3. Stick to it

Want something a little more basic yet with a modern finishing touch? Try the pickup sticks that come in chocolate or fruity flavors. They make a beautiful way to finish off a cake or add to a serving of chocolate mousse.

4. Serve up espresso martinis with flair

When serving dessert at home or in your restaurant, espresso martinis are one of the best ways to complete a meal. After shaking and pouring, don’t forget to add chocolate coffee beans that give the full mocha experience to your creation.

5. Present it with flower power

What a lovely way to send a message for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day when you add chocolate-shaped rose buds to your plating presentation! Instead of wasting time (and lots of chocolate) trying to make them yourself, Barbara Décor features an amazing selection of chocolate flowers to adorn your plates.

6. Put it in a cup

A cup of chocolate, that is! Plating in a small cup or mug is cute. But it’s even better if you can eat that cup. Use your imagination and fill a chocolate cup with all kinds of delights!

7. Use it for advertising

Remind those who buy your cakes, cupcakes, and other treats where their sweet delights came from. You can have your logo stamped onto edible squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals to make your brand more prevalent.

8. Show off for all seasons

Holiday treats look more festive while saying “I love you” becomes easier than ever with just a little bit of chocolate décor on your plate. With Barbara Décor, you can work on your recipes while taking the stress out of perfect plating that takes what you make to the next level!