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How to make Kratom Tea with Sumatra

Tired of coffee? Need something better and more stimulating? Working at odd hours, but your body feels lethargic? Then you do not have to worry much about finding an alternative beverage.

 This article provides a quick fix to keep you refreshed, rejuvenated, and engaged day in day out. Well, there is tea considered tasty and more effective. 

Every culture has its own uniquely made tea, which differs from one to another, owing to the variety of herbal leaves worldwide. 

This diversity has made it more of a staple and popular beverage in the world. A wide range of choices you have to meet your tea cravings, but a majority opt for a mug of kratom tea.

Here, we are going to expound much on Sumatra kratom tea and how to prepare this type of tea. Many believe it’s genuine, and the positive effects barely wear off. While there are several strains of kratom, the green Sumatra is the most preferred strain for making kratom tea. 

It is available in the market stores in a light green powder form.

The green Sumatra tends to be energizing, uplifting, like the red and white strains, with added benefits- its calming power and the ability to keep you focused when working or reading.

 The size of the dose varies from person to person depending on the quality, size of the person, mental and physical conditions. 

For instance, five grams of the green Sumatra could be mild to one person but another very overwhelming. 

So, there is no such thing as its very effective at a certain specific dose to any person. Choose the right quantity you feel works best for you.


Taking kratom leaves in the form of tea is the most common way since the medicinal properties are retained. But how is the green Sumatra tea prepared as a drink? The process of making is simple and very comprehensive, even to a tyro.  


 What you need

• Kratom powder

• Water

• A kettle/ teapot

• Strainer or coffee filter paper


1. pour the desired amount of water into a standard kettle.

2. Bring the water to a simmer and then add in your pre-defined measure of kratom powder

3. stir the mixture to break up any powder clumps and allow it to continue simmering for about 10-20 minutes at a lower heat. The duration of time can be longer or shorter, depending on your personal preferences.

4. Take your kettle off its heat source and place your strainer or the coffee filter paper over your mug

5. gently pour through the liquid to collect the remnant kratom powder. Kratom tea becomes clear and sediment-free.

6. Discard the residue obtained by the strainer/filter, but you can as well store it for subsequent future use.


What you need:

• Water

• Kratom powder

• A kettle/ teapot

• Strainer or coffee filter paper


1. Add the desired amount of water to your pot or kettle and bring the water to a boil 

2. Let it cool for at least 3 minutes. This way, the water will not inactivate kratom.

3. Add a pre-defined measure of the kratom powder to the water.

4. Stir and then allow the water to simmer for 10-20 minutes.

5. Pour the liquid through a strainer into your mug, and there you have our tea

6. Discard the residue in the filter or save it for future use

To suppress the bitter taste, you may add sugar, honey, cinnamon, or stevia. If you want it cold, place it in a refrigerator but if needed immediately, pour over ice cubes and drink.

You can also flavor with lemon juice by adding to the water before heating. 

That protects the alkaloids of kratom and gives a distinct citrus taste. Never bring the water mixed with the kratom powder to a boil as it destroys the alkaloids. Remember, without the alkaloids, the tea is rendered ineffective.

With such recipes in mind, be sure to enjoy the sweet aroma of kratom and the benefits that come with its use.


In the US, the legal status of kratom is very complicated. Some states approved it as illegal or still in the process of illegalizing it. 

Others, on the contrary, kratom is legal. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), kratom is stated to contain a psychoactive opioid compound with addictive properties. Because of addiction, its users often overdose. 

Every year, about 50,000 Americans die as a result. This controversy is presumed not a scare since the good, and the medical benefits outweigh the said negative side-effects.

Concerning the illegality in some states, consumers of kratom tea might be curious to find answers to this question.

Does kava tea show up on drug tests

Well, fortunately, kratom tea cannot be detected by most standard drug tests like the SAMHSA-5 and NIDA-5. 

However, it is detectible by advanced tests conducted in the laboratory. So when being tested, be keen to understand what you are being tested for. 

These tests are such as urine or blood tests. Another kratom drug test that can be carried out is known as the kratom 10 panel. Let’s briefly discuss the blood and urine tests. 

1. Kratom Urine Tests

Of the three advanced methods of testing, this is the most commonly used – also known as urinalysis. Some kratom alkaloids show up on specific urine tests.

 Medical research has it that a urine test can identify the presence of kratom tea after around six hours.

 Traces may be detected for over a week, estimated to be about nine days. In cases where someone uses low doses or rarely uses kratom powder, it is detectible in urine after a week.

2. Kratom Blood Tests

Kratom is easily detectable in blood. A blood test conducted is able to show the concentration levels of kratom. 

So, these reasons justify it to be a more advanced method that gives more information aside, confirming the presence of kratom.

 If you are a long-term user, there is a likelihood that metabolites would show up in blood tests for several days following ingestion.