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8 Tips to Eat Healthy and Save Money

Many people think that eating healthy means spending more money on food. However, there are many ways to eat healthier foods even on a tight budget. Healthy food can be more expensive than unhealthy diets. But there are many ways to save money while eating the healthiest food choices. Here are tips to eat well for less.Kopiuj HTML Kopiuj tekst

1. Shop Sales, Discounts, and Special Deals

Groceries stores are not the same. There is no need to go back to an expensive grocery store if you cannot afford it. Nowadays, you can look online for whatever you need. Start searching for store promotions. Have a look at grocery flyers and catalogues. For example, this Costco flyer is full of coupons, Pocket Option promo code, sales, and special deals and offers a wide range of flyers and catalogues that can help you a lot.

In addition, ask co-workers and friends about their favorite stores. After collecting all the information try the new stores yourself and see if you will save money or not.

Coupons and sales ads nowadays are slightly different from the old ones. People used to take coupons out of magazines. This still exists but there are also ads and coupons that exist only online. Most supermarkets nowadays have mobile apps and online grocery flyers that are full of coupons. Coupons are powerful and people save a lot of money using them.
When you make a list of supermarkets and stores that you want to test, download their apps, and check their flyers. For example, if you live in Canada, you heard about Costco. Download the Costco app and check how this Costco catalogue and see how rich it is in coupons, discounts, and special deals.

If you have good luck, you may have a coupon for something already on sale. This is an incredible way to have a weekly supply of foods without paying too much.

It is recommended to use coupons and sales ads on fresh fruits and vegetables and adjust your meals according to the items on sale.

2. Determine Your Groceries Budget

At the beginning of each month, determine your grocery budget. Try to estimate how much you spend on food monthly. This is the starting point. The next month, you will have better data about the needed budget for your groceries.

Your grocery budget should be separated from your restaurants. In general, you should avoid eating outside the home if you want to save money and stay healthy.

The budget varies from person to another depending on many factors such as family size, monthly income, or followed diets. 

3. Plan Your Meals Ahead

Planning your meals is not only great for your budget, but also for your body. Enter your kitchen and start planning. The best way to start is to have a look at your meals, their recipes, and to keep the grocery flyers, ads, coupons, and sales handy to be able to determine what exactly you need to buy. All these things should be done in harmony. Building your meals according to the items on sale saves a lot of money each week and allows you to store some items in the freezer. You will save more and waste less.   

4. Stick to Your Grocery List

After planning your meals and knowing what exactly you need, make a list of your groceries. Organize your shopping list by aisle or by store section to avoid going everywhere while shopping. Do not go shopping hungry to avoid junk temptations.

Sticking to your grocery list is not that easy. Remember, you have adjusted your grocery list according to the sales and coupons too. You cannot buy even the items that are on sale but are not on your grocery list.

5. Online Shopping

Buying your groceries online is one of the best ways to stick to your grocery list and make the best use of sales and coupons. It allows you to fill your cart virtually, then you can pick what you ordered up anytime. Try to avoid delivery to save its money too.

Online shopping is highly recommended for people who cannot stick to their grocery list. Even if you have what you ordered delivered to you, it may be less expensive than going to the store and buy things you do not need.  

While filling your cart, you will be able to watch how much you have spent. You can delete certain items or replace them with less expensive brands. The total amount, in the end, will not be a surprise.

6. Generic Brands Are Also Great

Generic brands are highly recommended if you want to save a lot of money in the short run. Brands and generic brands usually include the same ingredients and provide the same results. A lot of things can be replaced by their generic brands and you will not be able to tell the difference. For example, cereals, chocolates, and coffee brands can be replaced by cheaper brands and you will not feel too much difference. Some brands are exactly the same as their generics, but the former spend more on elegant design and marketing strategies. Some people do not like the idea of being generic, which is totally understandable. However, give them a chance and you may find that you love the generic brand even more.

7. Cook at Home
If you want to stay healthy and save money, you should cook at home and stop eating out. Cooking your meals is one of the best habits you can develop instead of eating out unhealthy foods. What you buy for a single person at a restaurant can feed a family of four.

Some people, especially busy people, love bulk cooking. Others cook meal by meal. Bulk cooking can save you some money, but the difference is not significant.

Cook at home and include healthy food choices. 

8. Try to Balance Between Your Purchases and Meals

Low-quality foods are not the solution to save money since they are bad for your health and you may suffer from serious health problems in the future. On the other hand, do not buy something because it is advertised as organic or natural.

The best thing to do is to balance your healthy food choices and your budget.