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A Guide To Brewing Espresso-Based Drinks

We are all coffee lovers to some degree and if espresso is your thing, you’ve come to the right place, as we take a look at how to brew the perfect espresso. There are many ways to prepare coffee and the espresso method is one of the most popular around the world. As the name suggests, espresso has Italian origins, which involves boiling a small amount of water, forced under pressure through the coffee (9-10 bars).

Here in Thailand, coffee is also consumed iced, due to the hot climate, yet many espresso lovers enjoy a hot shot in the morning. If you are looking for coffee-related products, the Internet has you covered.

Southern Europe is where everyone drinks espresso coffee and we asked an expert for a few tips on how to brew the perfect espresso coffee.

  1. Understand The Terminology– A ‘shot’ is 1 ounce of brewed liquid, with 6-8 gms of ground coffee. A ‘double shot’ has 12-14gms of coffee. Check out this amazing กาแฟ เบ ลน ด์ คือ which is perfect for espresso.
  1. The Right Grind Size– The perfect espresso should be a little finer than table salt.Acquire a decent burr grinder, which will assure the right espresso consistency. The pressure to be applied during the process depends on how fine you would want the grind to be. More pressure is needed for a finergrind, which means the shot will pour slower; too coarse and the shot will pour too fast. Balance is critical with your grind consistency and practice makes perfect!
  1. Start With No Additives– Ask any espresso expert and they will tell you to start with a single shot with no additives; this is the authentic southern Italian way to drink espresso coffee.If you would like to browse a leading Thai coffee supplier, check out the กาแฟ ชนิด ต่างๆ that you can order online. If you find the taste appealing, you can start to explore additives.
  1. Water Temperature – It is generally regarded that 90-5C – 96C is perfect for drawing with the espresso method; you can experiment within those guidelines to see how the taste differs. Ideally, you need an espresso machine with a PID, which allows you to play with the water temperature. For the best selection of espresso products, the online supplier offers the lowest prices for top names. The water temperature is just one variable to pay attention to when trying to experiment with shots, some say the top end of the temp scale is where you should be.
  1. Brewing Time– The perfect espresso brewing time is 24-30 seconds; of course, there are several factors to take into account, such as grind size, dose and tamp. If the shot is pulled too fast, not all the coffee will be extracted. Next time you are in a coffee shop, ask the staff about brewing time and see what they have to say. Nothing is better than hands-on experience and a little experimentation. The best part of mastering the espresso process is the learning and the great-tasting coffee you get to drink.

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Whatever your coffee preference, search the web for a leading Thai supplier of premium coffee and all things related, including espresso products, and then you can browse and shop at your leisure. Next time you are in a coffee shop, watch how they prepare the espresso and you might learn a thing or two!