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Best Single Serve Coffee Makers in 2019

Sipping a steaming cup of good coffee is one of life’s great pleasures. Downing a cup of coffee is a vital activity for workaholics to start their day. In order to make your life easier we are bringing you the best single serve coffee makers available in the market. 

Things to consider before choosing a coffee maker

There are many options you need to consider before choosing which coffee maker to buy. These options are:

Electric or Gravity Powered?

Usually Coffee makers comes with two power options i.e. electric or gravity. The electric powered ones work simply on electricity whereas the gravity ones uses pressure changes to brew coffee. Gravity powered machines are great for carrying around but you will need to warm your water yourself. If you want an easy to use coffee maker than go for the electric one as they do all the working for you. 

Having K Cups or not?

K cups are a product introduced by Keurig. You can use them for making a single cup of coffee, tea or any other hot beverage. keurig k-compact provide you with a variety of flavors that you can easily make but the coffee quality isn’t that good. Another downside of using K-cups is that they aren’t environment friendly and cost a lot. The best alternative are the reusable K-cups or recycling k-cups. 

Coffee pods or capsules?

Coffee pods are just like tea bags but a little bigger in size. Whereas capsules are tiny sealed containers containing coffee. The coffee remains fresher in capsules as compared to pods because pods can get exposed to air and contaminants easily. Therefore, if you are a regular coffee drinker and prefer fresh coffee then go for capsules.

Top 3 Single Serve Coffee Makers in 2019 

Here are some of the best single serve coffee makers that you can get this year:

Keurig K55: 

The Keurig K55 coffee maker is one of the best single serve coffee makers available in the market. This coffee maker is Amazon’s best seller and it is perfect for both office and home use. The best part of this amazing coffee maker is that you can get it at a very reasonable price. It is an electric coffee maker and you can use both K-Cups and My K-cups in it. 

Ninja Single Serve Pod-free Coffee Maker:

This coffee maker by Ninja can brew both regular & specialty coffees. It doesn’t require any pods or capsules. You just need to put your mug under it and voila your coffee is ready. It comes with a built-in frother using which you can easily brew and froth your coffee easily. Moreover, you can also choose what kind of brewing you want.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine:

The Nespresso is a high end coffee maker that creates barista style coffee in no time. It has a high pressure pump that can fully extract the flavor of coffee beans creating a barista style coffee.  With this coffee maker you can superfast coffee in no time. The best part of this coffee maker is that it is programmable so you can get your own favorite customized coffee every time you desire. This coffee maker is energy efficient as well as it goes into sleep mode 9 minutes after use.

These are some of the best single serve coffee makers available in the market.