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Should I Get a Pressure Cooker, a Slow Cooker, or a Rice Cooker?

Every cooker has its specialty. Some cook slow but can handle all types of recipes, while some cooks fast bit is specific to dishes. One must buy a cooker according to their match of suitability and needs and for this, you need to know about the product in detail. According to the reviews of Instapots, both rice cooker and pressure cooker look similar but rice cooker requires the external heating source and consists of a top lid. Whereas the pressure cooker comes with a closed lid and a rubber lining to prevent steam from coming out of the cooker. The sensor inside it alerts about the pressure. After spending hours in research about the usage of these cookers in various homes, this guide consists of the real experiences of users who dealt with it. We will talk in detail about its utility, pro and cons to make you a clear idea for which one to buy.

Starting with the slow cookers, they are ideal for cooking on time meal especially when you are not at home. You can simply load up the cooker by putting all the ingredients and spices and it would be ready after eight hours. The modest price of this cooker makes it an affordable option. Though it is not much fancy but includes all-important utility materials like intuitive interface and locking lid and heat probe for monitoring the roast. Slow cookers are good for making braised meats, stews, soups, cakes and many more. The slow cooker cooks the food at a relatively low temperature so searing or browning is not possible with the help of this cooker. Slow cookers consist of a ceramic pot with two or more temperature settings i.e high, low and warm.

If you are the one who is looking for a cooker to cook the food instantly then this might not be a good option for you.

The second here comes is Rice cookers. As the name suggests, this cooker is perfect for making rice but you can also cook grains and steamed vegetables along with it. It is suitable for the ones who love eating or cooking various kinds of rice. They are fast, unlike the slow cookers. The great thing about this is, it does not take any efforts to cook and you can also experiment with various other dishes like chicken, dumplings or oatmeals. The handy rice cookers keep the rice warm for a longer period. Rice cookers aren’t too big but are suitable for one time meals and cooks instantly. All you need to do is to switch on the front and turn it on while plugging. You can also select a warm or cook mode. The first step to use it is to put water and wait until it gets boiled and add rice with other raw materials in it. The rice cookers heat up fast and turn off automatically after the meal is cooked. 

If you are someone not too prone to Rice then this might not be so useful for you.

The last one is Pressure Cooker which is very different from the above two. Pressure cooker consist of a sealed chamber, and pressure valve with heavy lids which needs to be twist and locked in the position. They need high pressure of heat to raise the temperature. The higher boiling point of water helps in cooking the food much faster. This creates a great impact o the texture and flavor of the food. The advantages of purchasing an electric pressure cooker are it heats up and turn off automatically while balancing the pressure when needed. The stovetop cookers have a risk of exploding and don’t come with safety valves. This comes in various functions and varieties of models. You can choose it considering your want and budget. One of the best things about is they kill microorganisms present in the food making it more healthy to eat with the help of high temperatures.

Majority of people remains confused about the difference between pressure cookers and rice cookers although both have a different purpose to serve. A pressure cooker turns out to be more effective when compared to the rice cooker as it can cook a large proportion of food with lots of varieties. Pressure cooker cooks food more effectively when compared to rice cookers.

You can acquire all or anyone depending on your needs and space for such utilities.