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5 Food Gift Basket Ideas Perfect for Any Occasion

When you are a person who loves to give your friends something they can enjoy, then a food basket is a great way to express your feelings. Do you want to give a gift your friend can use anytime? Maybe, you like buying things in bulk and putting baskets together

How to Store Food in a Fridge

Storage Terms The storage of food in a refrigerator comes down to three points: space, temperature, and packaging. The right combination of the points ensures that the products will retain their properties. If you plan to store food in the freezer, the three factors mentioned above will be accompanied by the

Cooking Chinese Healthy Food: Tips for Students

Here are our favorite tips that aren't always easy to find in cookbooks! Preparation The key to successful healthy Chinese cooking is to prepare all the ingredients before starting to cook, and have them ready to hand. Stir frying in particular relies on quick cooking and so everything needs to be sliced, diced,

Ingenious Tips on How to Make Cocktails at Home

Making cocktails is not rocket science and with a bit of practice, you too could start making cocktails at home. It might come as a surprise that some of the most affordable cocktails can be found in liquor stores near you or get them when you buy alcohol online delivery. Instead

The Best Smoked Food in the World

Argentinian Asado

And how you can make it yourself at home! Believe it or not, America isn’t the only country in the world that has a love for barbecued meats. It seems the love for meats that are lovingly tended to and slow-cooked over grills in and in smokers is pretty universal. Before