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CBD Hemp Flower Sour Space Candy

Focus On Hemp Flower Strain IE Sour Space Candy Not % Of CBD

The cannabis community is quickly becoming aware of the unique benefits of high CBD hemp buds. Users experience robust relaxation and a serene calmness with the CBD-rich flowers. 

But purchasing products merely based on whether it has the highest level of CBD can prove to be a mistake with you missing out on options having properties more helpful for your particular situation than these choices. 

The essential thing people try to ensure in today’s market is that the THC level remains at or below the legal limit of 0.3%. Hemp doesn’t have an issue because the cannabis species is naturally low in the cannabinoid or negligible. The amount of CBD will vary depending on how growers breed the plant resulting in a broad range of strains.

Regardless of which strain and how much CBD, hemp buds are non-intoxicating with little THC. The “high” experienced when consuming the marijuana species of cannabis is due to THC, CBD’s psychoactive cousin.

Take Advantage Of Varied CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Some people aren’t fond of the notion of the mind-altering effects that come with the marijuana buds. In some cases, there are adverse reactions aside from the intense euphoria, including paranoia and anxiousness. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in cannabis at all. Opt for the hemp species. 

High CBD hemp flowers are a safe, natural, non-intoxicating alternative offering no paranoia or anxiety yet carrying the benefits for which medicinal marijuana is famous. The compound counteracts the harmful effects of THC, instead producing an alert, calming result with its therapeutic properties.

There are a vast array of hemp strains you can find with trusted sources online like, or reputable markets. The CBD percentage ranges with these strains, but that doesn’t mean that you need to search out the highest level options to have the most effective product. 

Each variation offers a unique experience based on the chemical composition’s culmination from its breeding working together with the cannabidiol. Strains including Special Sauce, Kush, and Sour Space Candy boast powerful assistance with symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, and pain with their specific CBD component. 

Strains that provide a slight euphoria, a bit of an energy boost, and mood enhancement are Hawaiian Haze, Elektra, and Lifter. The effects are not overwhelming like a THC intensive euphoria, and there is no panic or episodes of paranoia or anxiety with the uplifting results. 

Step Outside The Box

Each person will find a strain that works better for their particular situation, and that doesn’t necessarily mean a variety with the highest percentage of CBD. There is no ideal combination of chemical compounds. With varying CBD ratios, it’s wise to try many to see which will work better for you. 

You might have a sensitivity to the compound, meaning you should start on the lower scale rather than seeking the highest percentage. The trial-and-error, gradual approach will allow you to determine your level of tolerance. No one should be buying strains based strictly on the cannabidiol percentage.

It would be best if you also considered shaking things up every so often, even after finding a strain with which you’re comfortable. If you enjoy Sour Space Candy, for instance, and indulge in it for an extended period, it’s wise to stop for a time and try something new for a little while. That doesn’t mean you can’t go back to the one that gives you the optimum results.

When you do go back to your favorite, you’ll have a sense of rejuvenation. Things can grow tired when you consume them consistently for too long, and the effects can seem lackluster as well. A little break helps.

Chemical Compounds Contribute To The Overall Effect

When purchasing CBD-rich hemp flowers, the essential thing to remember is the effects you receive have no strict basis on CBD properties alone. Cannabidiol is not the only chemical compound comprising the bud. There is an assortment of components working cohesively to enhance each other’s benefits, including that trace amount of THC. 

These include many other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other elements working cohesively in what scientists deem the “entourage effect.” Depending on breeding, each growth will result in slightly different chemical compositions, even for the same strains. 

The variety of elements help to enhance the effects of CBD at any percentage, as does the THC. Experts indicate that THC and CBD complement each other even with THC at a trace level, bringing out each other’s positive attributes. In a full-spectrum capacity, CBD boasts as more effective than it is in an isolate formula. Find out why CBD should have a little THC at

Final Thought

Regardless of which CBD-rich strain you choose, whether it’s Sour Space Candy or a mood-lifting Hawaiian Haze, the CBD percentage shouldn’t necessarily be your focus. The idea is to sample different hemp bud varieties until you find those that offer the effects you hope to achieve for your particular situation.

You might find it won’t be the highest CBD product on the market, but it might offer the best results. It boils down to the chemical composition in the full-spectrum flower, how they work together to enhance the CBD in that bud, and how they ultimately interact with your body chemistry. Even if you find one after only trying one or two, continue to sample as many as you can because there could be an even better option. It’s good to explore before committing.