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Food and Travel: Popular foods and activities to do around Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is actually a group of three falls situated on the border between Canada and the USA. Located on the Niagara river these falls are world-famous and pull tourists from every corner of the world. The government does its own bit to promote the place and the businessmen do the rest. There are quite a few things that you can do around the place apart from simply taking in the beauty of the falls. Let’s discuss some popular foods and restaurants near the area and also some activities that you can just not miss out on.

Boat-Shuttles to the falls

The boat-shuttle service is probably the most well-known activity around the area. The boats, also called the maids of the mist, are basically a shuttle service that takes people to the base of the falls and back. The people are given raincoats and are advised to wear waterproof footwear as the sheer mist of the falls can get you wet within seconds. To avoid the rush it is advised to go in the morning as by the evening the footfall multiplies.

Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory

Away from the hustle and justly of the actual Niagara falls there is a very peaceful activity that you might want to indulge in after a day of being in between the tourist crowd. The butterfly conservatory features butterflies of various species with intricate designs and breathtaking beauty. The botanical gardens offer a state of peace and serenity to the people who can be seen lying down on the grass and enjoying the sun.

Marijuana Shop

Since the legalization of marijuana, countless stores have popped up in and around the area. Weed lovers love to spend a while at these shops before heading for a ride in the Maiden of Mist. A lot of people who visit niagara falls marijuana shop  tend to rate the overall experience of the falls as much higher. So to elevate your experience you can visit these shops for a blissful experience.

Inniskillin Winery

If you are a wine lover you are in for a treat. The Inniskillin Winery has its own specialty, ice wine. It is called so because the grapes are left to be frozen and are later thawed. The wine is one of a kind and people can enjoy the winery after visiting the falls. The place is open 7 days a week and even if you are not a wine lover the winery is a popular tourist hotspot and you can bump into many interesting people here.

Boston Pizza

The world-famous chain of pizza makers known as Boston Pizza is a successful venture in Niagara falls. People find it convenient to get a pizza packed for takeaways and love to munch on it while appreciating the scenery of the falls. A warm and cheesy pizza against the mist-filled breeze of the falls is probably the perfect setting for such outings.

Niagara Falls is an exquisite tourist destination and is declared as one of the 8 wonders of the world. Apart from the falls, the area around is also famous for a bunch of other activities and food items. If you are going to visit this place then its best to go through this article to gain some knowledge about the area