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Healthy meats to grill

Grilling is not for summer outdoor cookouts only. An endless variety of grilling recipe ideas means you can impressively start al fresco dinner with your family or pile your plates high with these rich and flavorful options followed by a cocktail all year round without getting sick of grilled dishes.

What follows are some healthy meats to grill to make your family day extra delicious!

Best healthy meats to put on the grill


grilled chicken

There are numerous creative methods to achieve moist and succulent grilled chicken. From grilled Aloha chicken and sweet chili-lime grilled chicken breasts to honey balsamic grilled chicken thighs with crunchy fennel salad and Hawaiian chicken skewers, there is no chance to say no to chicken on the grill.

Though nothing can compare to grilled wings which boast a seductively high skin to meat ratio, you should experiment with different recipes with different cuts, lip-smacking sauces, herbs, and spices.

Grilled lean boneless chicken breasts are especially favored by health-conscious people worldwide. But if something too dry and tough does not sound appealing to you, go with other parts such as drumsticks or thighs. Though chicken with skin can save you from any sticking problem, it’s much better to remove the chicken skin to significantly reduce unnecessary calories and subcutaneous fat.

As long as you have a good grill, you can make the most of this versatile meat.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin

If you are craving some healthy meat, say yes to pork tenderloin instead of bacon and any other fatty cuts which are high in cholesterol and rich in artery-clogging saturated fat.

A 3-oz portion of pork chop contains 165 calories and 9.62g of fat while a serving of lean pork tenderloin cut at the same weight contains only 125 calories and 3.4g of fat.

Tip: Thoroughly massage the pork tenderloin with some ground cumin, ground coriander, garlic powder, dried oregano, and dried thyme before putting it on the grill.

To kill all bacteria, make sure that the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit. And, before digging in your meal, let it sit for more than three minutes!


No list of healthy meats to grill can be complete without this super low in calories and fat ingredient.

Swordfish is another versatile meat to put on the grill. Whether you simply prepare it with some olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, salt, minced garlic cloves, lemon/lime juice, and chopped fresh mint & basil leaves or well marinate it in a handful of healthy and delicious sauce options, you can enjoy the best of this satisfying and sturdy steak of the sea.


For meat lovers, there’s no better replacement for the taste of beef.

Only when you purchase lean meat cuts labeled USDA Select grade, limit the portions roughly 3-4 ounces (85-113g) each serving, cut back on grilling time, keep high flames at bay, stay clear of burned steer, avoid sugary sauces & glazes, and most importantly trim the amount of fat-rich ingredients such as cooking oil or butter, though, can this red meat be a healthy choice for your BBQ parties.

PAY ATTENTION! Don’t over-consume red meat! Limit the consumption to three portions – which are equivalent to approximately 12–18oz (350–500g) cooked weight each week is acceptable.


What if you are at the risk of becoming impotent or increasing the chance of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or arthritis development? Red meat in your diet can be considered criminal.

Turkey on the grill can be the best option for any weekend meal or dinner of the summer season. No oven-baked recipes can compare to the smoky flavor combined with tender and juicy meat that the grill can provide. And the turkey-based recipe such as ground turkey burger can make any cowboy and cowgirl excited to chow down.

To cut on fat, be sure to choose ground turkey breast – with no skin and dark meat. And to avoid undercooking or overcooking, slice it into pieces and let them cook evenly.

Tip: Well season your turkey with kosher salt even 48 hours before grilling so that it can be well marinated and you will enjoy extraordinarily juicy meat.


There is a ton of ingredients we like on the grill. Check out these healthy meats to grill for your backyard barbecue parties and get ready to fire up your grill this weekend!