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How to Entertain Guests for Dinner in Style Without Stressing Out

Got company coming in from out of town? Having your spouse’s boss for dinner and want it to be perfect? Or perhaps you just want to have a romantic evening in without having to cook or clean. Whatever the occasion, when you hire a private chef, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the good company you keep, whether it’s just the two of you or a party of 8, or more.

All the planning that goes into creating the perfect meal can be a huge stress, even if you love to cook. Sometimes, it’s just nice to leave it to a professional. There are many more advantages when you hire a private chef too!

– More privacy

When you hire a private chef, you get the added pleasure of being in the comfort of your own space. Without other dining parties around, it allows everyone to relax and feel right at home while having that special touch of exceptional service.

– More control over the menu

Once you select a private chef to come to your home, you have a say in the menu. This is ideal if you have food allergies or certain restrictions that you’d like followed. A private chef will always shop for all the ingredients and go over the menu with you again to ensure you’re being served what you request. And those ingredients will always be top-quality. Chefs know where to get the best cuts of meat, the freshest seafood, and locally-grown produce to make your meal an epicurean delight!

– Completely convenient

It’s so nice to enjoy a gourmet meal with people you love, but sometimes going out to eat with a big group is such a hassle. You have to wait for everyone to arrive and find parking, pay for a valet, check your coat, and all sorts of things. When you hire a private chef, everyone meets at your home and no one needs to worry about where to go.

– No cleaning

Fun fact: hire a private chef and not only will you get out of cooking for the evening, but you’ll also get out of cleaning!

– Spend more time with guests

Do you get FOMO when you cook for friends and family because you’re trapped in the kitchen cooking only to spend the time after the meal cleaning up? Private chefs to the rescue! You can feel like a special guest in your own home.

– Perfect date-night in

Can’t find a babysitter and want to have a date night? A private chef turns your kitchen into the hottest restaurant in town, with a table just for the two of you. Kiss the kids and tuck them in, then enjoy your special menu from start to finish.

– Set your budget

No more arriving at a restaurant with friends only to decide you’ll have to eat lightly in order to afford your share. Hire a private chef and you can set a comfortable budget per guest. Plus, if everyone is pitching in for your chef’s services, it’s easy to split the bill.

– Start eating when you’re ready

At restaurants, you might be stuck waiting for a table. Or you might want the luxury of enjoying cocktails for an hour before you eat without enduring a corking fee. Either way, you set the time and your hired private chef takes care of the rest, allowing you to eat when you want to.

– Great for interactive evenings

You can also hire a private chef for private cooking lessons. Great for groups or couples alike, it gives you a hands-on experience with delicious results.

– Full service just for you

Perhaps one of the greatest luxuries with a private chef is that you don’t have to do anything except make the decisions. You choose the chef you want to work with. You choose from their menu options. You give them any special requests for ingredients and dietary concerns. And you give them a budget you feel comfortable with. They take all of that and compose a stunning menu of Instagram-worthy dishes and serve them to you and your guests. For your money, there’s nothing better.

To entertain all your guests from friends to relatives, or even for something more intimate, hire a private chef. By doing so, you take all the stress away and get to indulge in a perfect evening. Table At Home makes it easy to hire a private chef to cook, serve, and clean up after your dinner party or small event.

Simply make a request by providing the key details for your event like the date you’d like, the kind of food, how many guests, and a budget range per guest. You’ll hear back with proposals from several chefs in your area and get to choose the one you like best. On your chosen date, your chef arrives with everything needed (even specialized cooking equipment if you don’t have it) to compose your spectacular meal and cleans it all up afterward.

You’ve definitely been entertaining the wrong way if you’ve been stressed out buying ingredients, cooking days in advance, and scrubbing dishes for hours after. Put the fun back in entertaining for your next gathering! If you’re in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, or Washington DC, Table At Home is waiting to serve you at the hottest restaurant in town…your kitchen!