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How to Find the Best Seltzers?

Seltzers are the latest trends in the alcohol industry. And it makes sense. Seltzers taste a lot better than alcohols and provide the gentle high that you require to freshen your mind (without affecting your day-to-day operations). 

However, finding the best Seltzers has always been a challenge, especially for people who are new to it. One way to find the best Seltzers is by searching for the brand + review. For instance, you can search on Google for Bud Light Seltzer Review

Having said that, let’s look at different ways to find the best Seltzers. 

  1. Google It

As of writing this article, there are over 1,81,00,000 results for the search phrase “best Seltzer.” Browse through the top results. Check which Seltzers they are saying is the best. However, remember that some of them would be paid articles (to promote a specific brand’s product). 

Here the trick is to look for the common Seltzers in different articles. I mean, if a lot of pages are saying a Seltzer is good, then it probably is. You can then search for it as a separate term. For instance, if most articles say Corona Seltzer is great, then you can Google for “Corona Seltzer Review.

This way, you can ensure if it really is great or there are just paid articles. Though it requires a little extra effort, it is completely worth it. 

  1. Check the Alcohol Content

Most Seltzers have less than 5% ABV (alcohol by volume). However, there are certain hard Seltzers with around 8 and 12% ABV. 

Therefore, make sure to check the ABV content before you buy the Seltzer. Though brands do their best to improve the taste, the higher the ABV content, the bitter it will taste. 

So, if you are drinking Seltzers for taste, it is recommended to choose the one with less than 5% ABV. 

  1. Go for Known Brands

There is no doubt that new companies produce great products, but you can’t say all of them are good unless you have tried them. However, known brands have a reputation to maintain. This is why their Seltzers will definitely taste good and will be of high quality. Look for popular brands offering Seltzers in your neighborhood and try their products. 

  1. Ask your friends

When it comes to picking up the best Seltzers, friends can provide invaluable views. Ask your friends who have been drinking Seltzers about which brand they feel is the best. Also, ask for the specific product of the brand to ensure you’re getting the most of your money. 

Or you can ask your friends to ask their friends for recommendations. This way, you will get to know about a few of the best Seltzers you can try over time. And once you find the best one that fits your taste buds, keep a note of it. 

  1. Look for Flavors that you like

As you might already know, Seltzers come in different flavors. To get the most out of your bucks, go for the ones that you like. This will ensure that you don’t have to throw the bottle, which might happen if you don’t like the flavor. 

Search for “flavor + Seltzer” to find them. For instance, if you like grapefruits, search for grapefruit Seltzer on Google. And you will have a list of possibly best Seltzers. And by picking a popular brand, you just increase your chances of getting the best one. 

  1. Read Review on Amazon

Now that you have read reviews on Google search for the product on Amazon. This will provide you with feedback from real people who have tried the product. You can even ask questions on Amazon to ensure you’re getting the best before paying for it. Use Amazon filters to find Seltzers with 4 stars or more. 


Finding the best Seltzers is not difficult, provided you know how to do it. Make sure to use the tips mentioned above to find the best Seltzers that give the maximum value to your money. 

Are there any Seltzers that you love or hate? Do let us know in the comments so our readers can try or avoid them.