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Importance of sustainable food packaging for meal delivery

Packaging plays a big role in building an organization. Good packaging is a sign of thoughtfulness of the owner and it makes it easier for the audience to remember the brand too. When it comes to meal delivery, it is crucial to pay attention to proper packaging as it helps in keeping the produce fresh. 

Packaging ensures the food remains fresh, extending its shelf life. The packaging also helps to keep the safety standards and brings a considerable reduction in food wastage too. As such, sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging is crucial. 

What is sustainable food packaging?

So what exactly is sustainable packaging? What criteria does packaging have to meet, in order to be stated “sustainable”? 

Here are the key elements that a packaging must contain, in order to be sustainable: 

  • The disposal options must have recycling in them. 
  • The material of the packaging is sourced sustainably. 
  • The design of the packaging is optimized in a way that it supports and maintains the quality of the product. 
  • And last, the cost of production of the packaging is affordable for long term production. 

It is important to understand the meaning of material being sourced sustainably. It means that the material is sourced through the right techniques that makes it environment friendly and it can be recycled or renewed. There are various packaging materials that can be recycled and renewed. For example, corrugated boxes are one of the most widely used packaging for food as they are recyclable and eco-friendly. 

Secondly, when a package has recycling in its disposable options, it is considered sustainable as it is environmentally friendly. It is a more responsible option for ending the life of a packaging and disposing it off properly, without harming the surroundings. Therefore, sustainable packaging is trending more with each passing day.

Also, it is important to let the consumer know that they are opting for recyclable packaging and the best way to do so is to add the symbol of recycle on the packaging itself. It will speak for itself and will be communicated effectively to the consumer. 

Types of Sustainable Packaging Materials

There are two types of sustainable packaging materials:

  • Biodegradable material 
  • Compostable material 

So are the two similar? No, they are not. They are different and it is important to understand this difference before choosing the material for food packaging. 

Compostable material leaves no residue in its decomposition process. It decomposes at a standard testing rate. On the other hand, biodegradable material breaks down gradually. Also, these materials might release toxic materials due decomposition. Alot of packaging materials are biodegradable, considering the definition but it differs from composition to composition. 

It is important to understand that both these materials are not the same. Being careful while you choose your packaging material is always important and safe. Look at the label before you choose and be wise while you make a pick. 

Sustainable food packaging is the future

With the passage of time and the global environment degradation, companies are now understanding the need of sustainable packaging and how it plays an important role in saving nature. It is important to develop sustainable packaging, not just for food but as many products as possible as it is eco-friendly. 

Organic food production and nature friendly food packaging is a combination that very few food companies are offering. It is about time that more and more food companies take the step towards it.