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Top 100 Must-Try Egyptian Food and Beverages


Egyptian Food & Cuisine Egypt will always be known for its pyramids, mummies, and the Great Sphinx. However, a trip to the Mediterranean country won’t and shouldn’t just be about seeing those things. What about the Egyptian food you’ll eat when you get there? You don’t have to go to Egypt in

How to switch to Black Coffee with these quick tips

Can you drink black coffee? Have you ever been trying to change to black coffee but haven't been able to perform it? Finding out how to drink black coffee is something every coffee lover needs to do. Coffee is full of unique flavours that will delight your senses, however, sugar and cream will dull those flavours

What to Eat in New Orleans


The Big Easy is most famed for Mardi Gras, but this charming Cajun town is full of history and incredible food at every turn too. If flashing for beads and chaotic crowds aren’t really your vibe, don’t miss out on stopping in New Orleans any other time of the year

Does Yerba Mate Cause Headaches

Does Yerba Mate Cause Headaches And If So Why?  The herbal tea Yerba Mate is becoming increasingly popular in North America now. Notice I said 'now' because it's not new in South America for sure. It is a traditional drink there that is prepared a particular way. Can it give you

Top Rated SCAA-Certified Automatic Drip Coffee Makers of 2019

Technivorm Moccamaster

Looking for a SCAA Certified Best Automatic Drip coffee maker?  You have stopped by the right place. The SCAA certification is the absolute standard that ensures that all quality conditions and the rules of safety are met.  The best way to prepare a good cup of coffee with no much fuss

What to Drink Before a Test

Taking tests or essays writing can be overbearing sometimes, especially large-scale exams like SATS, national exams, and more. However, aside from the anxiety and the pressure weighing down on you that can affect your performance, the things you consume may also have effects. According to study done by Columbia University,

Nutrition Expert Recommends It to Eat Before an Exam

When preparing for an exam, there are some certain foods and drinksyou can consumethat can help you stay focused during an exam. Additionally, these foods are good for your health. Also, they can act as determinants in your performance. Hence, you need to wary or cautious of what you consume

Brain Food for Studying

Studying is hard, even more so if you are far from your home and your family. You need to change your entire routine to adapt to a new life at college. On top of that, you get new subjects to study, even tighter deadlines than in high school, and definitely