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What Food Do Students Prefer Around the World

The national cuisines of different counties are incredibly diverse and unique. Some regions are known to offer incredibly spicy dishes, while others are focused on coffee and desserts. But what about students? What food do learners prefer around the world? Discover the list of the most popular dishes among young learners in this post. 


This international dish remains one of the most popular solutions for millions of students all over the world. The reason is that many learners are extremely busy. In many cases, they need to complete tons of academic assignments, prepare for tests and exams, and even work part-time. 

Who can write paper for me? This is the most common question asked by hundreds of learners. If you are one of them, just choose a reliable essay writing service and order your favorite pizza to have a short break in your studies. The fact is this dish is tasty and easy to order. You don’t need to go shopping or stick to the kitchen for hours to get a delicious pizza. By the way, this dish is also a popular solution for students’ parties. It is relatively cheap and available with different fillings. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can still consume pizza margaritas. Moreover, it is possible to order pizza with bacon, chicken, fish, vegetables, and other ingredients. Not to mention, there are also fans of sweet pizza! 


This dish is another universal dish for learners all over the world. It is incredibly easy to cook, while the variety of sauces will suit even the most demanding learners. You can prepare pasta with tomatoes, meat, bacon, and seafood. Furthermore, it is a dish that tastes great with no sauces at all. If you are extremely busy, feel free to consume pasta with ketchup. This is always fast and delicious! 


Rice is one of the most popular grains all over the world. The reason is that it perfectly fits various dishes, including vegetables, meat, and fish. For example, students from Asian countries prefer consuming rice with different types of fish, shrimp, squid, and seaweed. This provides learners with a perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients, making them feel healthy and full of energy. If you are not a fan of seafood, rice with vegetables might become a perfect solution to suit your tastes. For example, you can add tomatoes, gherkins, cauliflower, sprout, and other veggies. Eggs and cheese are also acceptable. 

There are also plenty of amazing recipes, where one of the ingredients is rice flour. It is possible to make bread, tortillas, and even exclusive desserts from rice flour. 

Many Asian students are also fond of rice noodles. This dish can be effortlessly prepared in 10 minutes. Various gravy and sauces might help you make this course unique and tasty. Moreover, rice noodles are a low-calorie dish, so you can become slimmer if you consume more of this product. Feel free to experiment to find the best taste according to your preferences. 

Steak and Chops

Many students report that steak is their favorite dish. This is more common for American, British, and European students rather than Asian learners. The fact is that you can make plenty of various dishes from meat. These are chops, steaks, pot roast, meat dumplings, and tons of other courses. However, steaks and chops are taking the leading positions in this rating. The reason is that meat might become a perfect addition to any garnish. This includes vegetables, cereal, and bread cakes. Moreover, consuming meat might make you feel full for a long time. 


This snack is also among the favorites for learners all over the world. Sandwiches might come in dozens of different varieties. You can add chops, salmon, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, and carrot to make your sandwich truly delicious. It is easy to experiment with fillings and cook different options every day. Sandwiches are cheap and can be prepared in a few minutes. They don’t require having any culinary skills or cooking experience. Therefore, it is a dish every learner can prepare in no time. 


Many students prefer to have soups on their lunches. The recipes for preparing this dish might significantly vary in different countries. This might be a traditional onion soup in France, vegetable soup in Spain, and soup with seafood in Asian countries. However, preparing soup might require some basic culinary skills. Most students prefer to get this dish at the canteens of their schools and colleges. The most popular alternative is a vegetable soup made from potatoes, carrots, cauliflowers, and other veggies. You can also try different alternatives to pick up the best one.

All in all, the tastes of students all over the world are completely different. Some learners prefer spicy food, while others are fond of pasta and noodles. However, there are some winning solutions popular among most students. These are sandwiches and pizza. Rice is also a common dish for crowds of young minds.