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Why You Should Host Your Next Corporate Event At The Deckhouse?

The pressure can be intense when you’re organizing a business conference, not only because it’s a formal event, but also because your attendees are businessmen. Sometimes, how you host your event is a big factor in achieving your event’s primary purpose. 

Thus, hosting your corporate event in a venue like the Deckhouse can help you achieve your business goals. It’s a venue that caters to different types of events, especially corporate events since they have the following:

1. Various Floor Options

A great corporate venue like the Deckhouse can cater to a formal banquet or product launches. Because it has various layout options, the Deckhouse’s space can suit the number of guests you’re hosting. This can be especially advantageous if you’re hosting a big event since it would need a wider space. 

Knowing the number of guests you’re expecting can help you determine the best floor space for your event. If you’re hosting to 200 guests, then book a space that’ll cater up to more than 250 people. Overestimating allows you to accommodate unlisted guests who may attend the event. That way, you can avoid overcrowding your venue, which will make your invitees feel cramped. 

However, you also mustn’t choose those that are too spacious. This is because it may seem that more guests haven’t appeared due to too much empty space.

In the Deckhouse, you can pick from many function rooms that won’t seem too big or too small for your guests. You can even select outdoor spaces to host your corporate event.

2. Perfect Location

One factor that makes a huge difference in your event is the location of your venue. This is why choosing the best location should be one of your top considerations. Here’s a checklist of what to consider when it comes to the perfect location of a venue:

  • Accessibility – Whether your guests are from the locality or not, the venue should be accessible. A venue that is out of the way may discourage guests from attending. For instance, there should be ready-to-ride transportation going to and from the venue.
  • Attractions – Another factor to consider are the tourist attractions surrounding your venue. If it’s overlooking a landscape or surrounded by places your guests can wander to, the better. That way, your guests can explore the vicinity instead of waiting idly in case they arrive too early. 
  • Lodging – One of the most important factors that can make your venue more attractive is when it’s near or has lodgings. This feature is especially vital when your guests are from outside your locality. If they’re from faraway places, they may need a place to stay so they can attend the event on time. 

Choosing the Deckhouse can give you access to a location that’s perfect for both local and non-local guests. Because of its panoramic views of the City skyline and Sydney Harbour Bridge fronting the waters of Sydney, your guests can enjoy both work and play. They wouldn’t even worry about going to and from the venue because they can ride a shuttle, water taxi, or ferry to arrive at the Deckhouse. 

Moreover, your guests can stay at the Central Business District’s inns because it’s just a short distance from the Deckhouse. 

3. Quality Restaurant Catering

Besides the location, the venue must have a sumptuous food menu to keep your guests satisfied. Moreover, you can save time and money when you choose a venue with in-house catering. Instead of wasting your energy setting up chairs, tables, thinking of healthy food recipes, and finding the best chefs, you can instead focus on organizing your event with a venue that provides in-house catering services. 

So to keep yourself from stressing out, the venue should have its own catering service. At the Deckhouse, they offer excellent restaurant-quality catering. With their team of expert caterers, your guests are sure to have a comfortable dining experience. Plus, the catering services can also decorate the venue to keep a corporate ambiance. 

Moreover, the Deckhouse’s catering services are compliant with health regulations so you won’t have to worry about your guests getting food-borne diseases. Whether they’re catering to an outdoor or indoor corporate event, the team will plan a menu that fits your event.

4. Updated AV Equipment 

Another factor to remember are the venue’s audio-visual functionalities. Your venue’s AV can either make or break the success of your event. Imagine booking a venue with a broken sound system or a dysfunctional AV system. Not only will it disappoint your guests, but it can disrupt your presentation. Thus, you should choose a venue that should keep your event running smoothly. 

On the other hand, using high-quality AV equipment in your corporate event can make it more engaging and alive. Not only can your guests listen and see your presentation well, but they’ll also get the message clearly. 

During your corporate event, you can use the Deckhouse’s AV equipment, which is included in the package when you book it as your venue. The Deckhouse has the most up-to-date equipment to meet your corporate event’s technological needs. With such, you can maximize the lighting, sound, and visuals of your event.

5. Accommodating Events Managers

Although you may have smoothed things out before the day of your corporate event, you may still need the help of an event manager. Hiring one can cost you a lot, but if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a venue that has event managers, thus saving you a lot of money. 

At the Deckhouse, you can easily coordinate with its events manager to help make your business event successful. Since they’re knowledgeable about the area and have prior hosting experience, they already know how to take care of your event. They know the best steps to take to make the program flow smoothly, and which arrangements to make that will keep everyone enjoying their time at your event. 


Instead of looking for another best venue that could meet all your business event needs, book the Deckhouse. Let your guests experience a one-of-a-kind corporate event in Sydney when you choose the Deckhouse with its perfect location and amenities. It can also help you organize your event with its in-house catering service and event managers. 
When you host your corporate event in the Deckhouse, you can surely have a great time while also achieving your business goals.