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Baton Rouge recovery center is exactly what you need for an alcohol detox.

The busy modern lifestyle has become a stressor for us all. Be it work pressure or family tension, and the word stress is an inevitable part of life. To manage stress, many people relish a drink, or some rely upon the euphoria of cigarettes. However, not many people understand that they are getting addicted. After years of consuming temporary stress-busters, alcohol, and cigarettes, the brain refuses to function without them. The problem of alcohol addiction is only increasing daily in the United States of America.

Insight About Baton Rouge Recovery center

Baton recovery center is the best place to treat your addiction in Louisiana. They provide innovative and personalized treatment services, unlike other rehabilitation programs. The customized treatment discovers the root of addiction and helps the addict discern better opportunities in life. Offering a wide range of treatments, including drug, alcohol, the recovery center of Baton Rouge has expanded its services across all avenues.

Alcohol and drug addiction? Baton Rouge is the ultimate destination for your detox!

Medically assisted alcohol detox services:

A professional team would help your loved one detox from alcohol with utmost care. The medical history of each addict is collected before customizing the detox program. All of the programs are a unique set of plans designed according to the patient’s needs that can be undoubtedly relied upon. The detox process washes off all the toxins from the body and brings the addict to the point of recovery. The team maintains an environment of comfort to avoid relapse and confirm success. A medical evaluation can precisely determine the chances of severe withdrawal symptoms. The elev8 program available at Baton Rouge offers evaluation for free.

Alcohol withdrawal might be life-threatening because of the possibility of delirium tremens.  However, only 3% of the patients suffering from alcohol addiction manifest tremors.

The treatment support team ensures confidentiality and walks towards the goal of:

  • Identifying and resolving the underlying issue that led to the treatment.
  • Establish a balance between recovery and career.
  • Sort out any issues involving the family or career due substance use.
  • Choke out an after-recovery plan that includes maintenance, and recurring check-ups.

12-step recovery program

The Baton Rouge treatment center follows a comprehensive process of 12-step recovery. It includes surrendering the drug, connecting with new people, forgiveness, and a positive outlook towards life. 

Apart from this, the treatment also includes:

  • Medical detox to clean the body of all the chemicals.
  • Foundation programs for motivation.
  • Intensive outpatient program – nine hours per week.
  • Family program to resolve problems stemming out from the family’s behalf. It also reduces the chances of relapse.
  • Special care for complicated cases.
  • Diagnosis for multiple drug abuse or interrelated health and mind ailments.
  • Primary care for adults with re-occurring disorders.

Faith-Based Addiction Treatment

Most people are theist. It means the majority of the population believes in God. The Baton Rouge recovery center provides you with a faith-based treatment program. They use the principles of the bible and counseling techniques of Christians with the other 12-step recovery and psychotherapy.

People who opt for this program get:

  • Bible study on a weekly basis about Christ’s redemptive nature.
  • Celebration after each recovery workbook.
  • An individual counseling session with authorized Christian counselors.
  • Prayer support.
  • Help for entering or re-entering a bible-based church in the locality.
  • Encouragement to participate in the faith-based support group or recovery meetings.

Young-adult treatment

Reportedly, a lot of college-going students get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Baton Rouge allows young adults to switch their paths towards a better life. The medical professionals also help them sort out family issues, if any. They connect with peers who battled similar problems and are now leading a healthy lifestyle. Group therapy is considered the best in motivating the youth. It is immensely difficult for the young generation to detox substance abuse, especially alcohol, as the brain and body tend to relapse.

The recovery center helps your child develop a better understanding of the world and socialize with the surroundings. Here, your young ones are offered:

  • Confidence to address their issues.
  • Learn to have fun while recovering.
  • Communication with healthy peers.
  • Resolving family issues and strengthening ties with them.
  • A better adjustment for their adulthood.
  • A balance between recovery and education.
  • Enhancement of personal abilities.

Gender-based Treatment

The gender-specific treatment provided by Baton Rouge is one of its most unique features. The treatment focuses on the importance of healthy communication that might not be possible in a co-ed group.  It might be anxiety-provoking for a lot of people to step into a new group. Here, a warm and insightful environment is guaranteed. The patients need to be comfortable in group therapy to share their problems and thoughts.

The benefits of getting admitted in a gender-based treatment are:

  • Focus on gender-specific issues.
  • A better understanding of the group.
  • Fewer distractions.
  • Healthy peer support.

A gender-specific peer also lessens the chance of developing feelings for any participant. Blossoming a new relationship during the recovery process might disrupt the treatment and is also unethical.


Baton Rouge recovery center, founded by Marcia Bannister and Rudy Troyer in 2010, has treated several patients with severe addictions for the past ten years. Keeping in mind the COVID-19 restrictions, they are regulating under the guidance of the Louisiana Department of Health and CDC. They require all your details, the patient’s full name, medical and treatment history, prescribed medicines, and so on, to guide you with all their services. They also assure insurance benefits, provided accurate information is documented. The patients who received services are satisfied with the co-operation and therapies.

Inpatient rehab renders services for addicts to revive through effective detox.